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  • Improved coffee flavour with filtered water

    It wasn’t until I started working in the business, that I became aware of all the intricate details that make up coffee flavour, resulting in a great tasting coffee. Ever wonder why you can’t get that same result as shown when purchasing your coffee machine or attending a barista class. The truth is, it’s not just in the way you make coffee it’s in the water you use.

    Given the amount of water that goes into making a coffee approx. 98% it’s no wonder a bad cup can be the result of bad water. If you have gone to all the effort and investment in brewing the best possible espresso you don’t want to then skip on the water quality and maintenance of your coffee machine.

    What water filters to use for best coffee flavour results

    Water has a big impact on your coffee flavour and this is why you need to use bottled or filtered water. Using these filters will improve the taste of your coffee by removing harmful chemicals, such as chlorine and bad odor. Consider the difference in taste, from drinking water which has gone through a sediment and carbon filter to the water that comes directly from your tap unfiltered.

    A number of automatic coffee machine brands supply their own filters which fit directly into the machine's water tank. Jura for example, have a range of filters for their coffee machines both commercial grade and domestic.

    If you don’t have a specific filter for your brand of coffee machine and manually fill the water tank, I recommend buying bottled water that has already been filtered. This will help keep your machine healthy and improve the taste of your coffee.

    If you have filtered tap water such as an under the sink filtration system, then you can use this water and directly pour it into your coffee machine water tank.

    Water filter systems protect your coffee machine

    Using both carbon and sediment filter systems protect your appliance and improve coffee aroma. This works by improving the taste through removing the chemicals from your water but also removes any sediment found in the water helping to protect your appliances. Combine this with a water softener system to reduce the lime, calcium and scale build-up, that damages your automatic machine.

    By using water filtration systems, you will increase the lifespan of your coffee machine and enjoy great tasting coffee. There are a number of companies that  install water filtration in your home or office place, ask at the time of purchasing your coffee machine as many suppliers will provide this service also.

    The best water filters for Plumbed coffee machines

    If you have a plumbed coffee machine which plugs directly into your water mains, you still need water filtration. This will not only protect your coffee machine from harmful chemicals and limescale building up, it will ensure you have a perfect cup of coffee each time.

    Café Corporate not only sell coffee machines but also supply the filtration and installation. If you follow these steps from the start you will enjoy great tasting coffee and ensure your coffee machine lasts for many years.


  • The Jura Giga X9c Professional

    The Jura Giga X9c Professional is one of our most popular automatic commercial and cafe coffee machines, and for good reason.  Businesses currently using the Jura Giga X9c Professional purchased from Cafe Corporate include Webb & Brown-Neaves Homes, Dale Alcock Homes, Conocophillips Australia remote Western Australian mine-sites and most recently the Rigters Supermarket IGA in Geraldton. Rigters Supermarket IGA has now opened a fresh food deli serving delicious signature series coffee roasted by Little Owl Coffee Roasters, here's Alan, our general sales manager with the team and their new machine.

    Geraldton IGA Cafe

    The Jura GIGA X9c Professional is the plumbed version of top selling GIGA X9. This high end machine is designed for professional barista and caterer use creating 100 + cups of coffee a day with ease. The plumbed version maintains the large ground container of the original X9 with the added benefits of a permanent water supply, allowing you to produce a high amount of different specialty coffees easily and efficiently.

    Features include:

    • Fresh coffee beans at the touch of a button
    • Manual barista arm for specialty drinks and latte art
    • Automatic rinsing and cleaning process for easy care
    • Indicator light for bean container
    • Parallel preparation for coffee, steam and hot water
    • Intelligent Fresh Water System
    • Drip drain set

    Jura Giga X9C Professional Hoppers Jura Giga X9C Professional Latte Jura Giga X9C Professional


  • Welcoming back a familiar face at Cafe Corporate

    Cafe Corporate are welcoming back a familiar face.

    Some of you may remember Alitia, she worked at Cafe Corporate for 5 years, 5 years ago and has now returned. Alitia is working in the Sales department alongside Alan, our Sales Manager. Alitia is bubbly, vivacious and loves a chat.  Alitia is a wealth of knowledge on all coffee machines and related products, she knows them inside out.

    Alitia has worked in marketing, sales and merchandising prior making her an extremely valuable member of our team.  Alitia ensures that our showroom is up to date with the latest machine and product ranges and keeps things looking good around here.

    In her spare time Alitia is a well known singer and performer in WA, performing all over WA including balls and charity events. Alitia is also a green thumb - her latest project is an organic veggie patch and enjoys a good cup of coffee - like everyone here!





  • Subiaco Cafe Implements Faulty Pay for Performance Model

    Subi CafeHow would you feel if your boss started docking your pay when you made a mistake, but with the consequence being a dock in your pay? A delay? $10 dock. Show up late? $100 dock. If you were a really bad employee, you might end up owing money at the end of the week. Well this is exactly what was happening at a Subiaco Cafe. Would you still do business with them? Let’s take a closer look.

    In the case of the Subiaco Coffee Shop, 4 employees experienced this kind of management and became fed up. Employees had been charged for in-house cooking lessons/demos and had been docked pay for issues like $12 for delivering a cold pizza, or $18.90 for a hair being found in a pizza. In result, they reported their manager to the Fair Work Ombudsman and the story has generated quite a bit of controversy.

    This cafe owner has been fined and his actions found to be unlawful. The law states that wage deductions can not be made if an employee has not agreed in writing, and if it is not for their benefit. Deductions can only be made if allowed by a court order, a law, or under an employee award or registered agreement. (read more here. The question is whether the owner’s tactics were fair or not.

    In my opinion, the idea of deducting wages is not necessarily unfair, as long as they are reasonable and the guidelines are clearly outlined. The rules and regulations should be communicated and agreed upon beforehand, in a written agreement as required by law, in order to be fairly and uniformly enforced.

    Imagine you show up late to work and get docked $100, then your co-worker burns a pizza and gets docked $15. Obviously you should get to work on time but £100? Also, the ambiguity is unfair and in benefit of only the owner. Outside of the legal implications, the problem in Subiaco is a lack of a defined system of consequences coupled with outrageous rates. It is not fair to deduct pay without a standard that applies to everyone and, as always, the punishment must fit the crime. While it may be an effective system when implemented correctly, it is counter-productive when employees cannot trust their employer.

    In conclusion, a well-motivated staff results in good public relations and can hence lead to good public opinion about the business. Nobody wants to hear about people being unfairly treated, hence the uproar. Staff members are the first customers; if they are not satisfied with the treatment they are getting from their boss, it will reflect on the business’s front line customer service. With that in mind, it is of the best interest to everyone if a fair and transparent system of expectations and consequences is agreed upon by all parties; be it a compensation plan with deductions for being late, or extra commission made on delivering results. For Subiaco Café customers, whether you want to do business with them remains your choice. Maybe the owner will learn his lesson and this controversy will motivate him to think his management strategy through to benefit the employees, customers and owner.

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