The Jura Brand

Jura (Swiss Made)Jura have dominated the automatic coffee machine market in Europe for nearly 3 decades, becoming synonymous with quality coffee and machinery and we are proud to be their official WA retailers. But what is it that keeps them so far ahead of the competition?


Jura are world renowned for their design and innovation. Their craftsman are consistently leading the way in new technologies and the sleek lines and clean surfaces of their coffee machines, synonymous with the Jura brand, are still winning awards today. Already in 2014 they have won awards for the Impressa F8 and A9, their Wireless Cool Control and the Giga 5 has added to the 5 awards it has won since its initial release in 2012. Their design mantra is for their products to look fresh and unused after years have passed and winning these internationally renowned design prizes is simply confirmation and encouragement.

Coffee Quality

SER_emo_work_3.tifWith the rise of Australian coffee culture, the expectations of the drinker have become even greater. We now expect to be able to drink great tasting, speciality coffee drinks wherever we are even at home or in the office. Jura are leading the way in this rapidly growing market, with the focus on customisable, delicious and most importantly simple coffee. With their award winning TFT and rotary selection systems selection could not be easier but also their state of the are brewing and delivery technologies serve fantastic coffee suited to your own personal preferences. Their sole focus throughout design, testing and production is to ensure their machines produce the best possible cup of coffee.

Sustainability and Eco-Intelligence

Jura’s machines are designed to stand the strains put on them. With simple maintenance and cleaning your Jura coffee machine can keep going for years and years. This stems from Jura’s commitment to what they describe as Eco-Intelligence and Sustainability. From production to the customer Jura avoid waste of resources at all costs. They pursue a consistent policy of developing energy-saving technologies with automatic on-off switches and a patented Zero-Energy switch has made their stand-by function as efficient as any automatic coffee machine on the market today.

After over 70 years making coffee machines, Jura are continually leading the way with their long lasting machines. The build quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail in their automatic machines are still streaks ahead of the competition and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

For more information or to buy one of Jura’s automatic coffee machines go to our Jura Machines page.

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