Jura WE8 Why Its The Best Office Coffee Machine

Getting great coffee at work is a real bonus, I should know I work for a coffee expert and enjoy my coffee just as I programmed it, but my idea of a great “flat white” isn’t necessarily the same as my colleague’s. So why is the WE8 the best office coffee machine?

WE8 Solving the office coffee dilemma

The “how do you like your coffee” issue

Jura invented the “Smart Connect” and “Professional Coffee  App” allowing you to program your individual drink and give it your very own name, how cool is that! Via blue tooth simply press a button on the app and watch the WE8 make your perfect cup of coffee, not that watered-down stuff Steve in aisle 3 keeps raving about.

WE8 the best coffee machine for your office Jura's WE8 Smart Technology makes it the best coffee machine for your office.

An office coffee machine at the right price

And full of modern features

The WE8 isn’t only compatible with the life-saving smart connect, its value makes it extremely popular, priced just under $2,700.00 you get a lot for your money.

Just a few key features to mention:

  • One-touch function drink preparation
  • TFT Digital Display
  • Individual Drink Settings including the new true “flat white”
  • 6 Level Aroma Grinder
  • Compatible with Smart Connect and Pro App.
  • Hot water in 3 levels
  • Pulse Extraction Process PEP
  • Programmable coffee strengths up to 8 levels
  • Water Tank 3Litres
  • Fresh bean to cup
  • Fresh milk

The WE8, will it meet the demands of your office?

Keeping the coffee fanatics happy!

All Jura coffee machines are made with top quality materials whether it be a domestic machine or a commercial machine making over 150 cups a day. Jura put them to the test in their Swiss factory, so you know you are getting a brand that is at the height of the coffee business, do you really think Roger Federer would put his name on it otherwise.

  • The WE8 will keep a small to medium size office or, 10-50 people supplied with coffee all day long.

Capacity is important to consider when purchasing the right machine, if your office is larger than 50 staff you might like to take a look at the GIGA range, it has all the same features and is smart connect compatible too.

Coffee Machine Milk Coolers

Keep milk fresh while making coffees

Jura coffee machines and milk coolers Complete your coffee machine purchase with a Milk Cooler

You simply take it in and out of the fridge each time you make a milk drink, I can hear younow “No way, who’s going to take responsibility for putting it back” this is an issue raised by many office staff.

luckily there is a solution:

Custom made milk fridges and coolers that connect directly with your WE8 coffee machine, check out a few options by clicking the link: coffee accessories - milk fridges and coolers

WE8 the tick of approval

Checklist when considering a coffee machine for your office:

I am a little biased I admit however the WE8 really does tick all the boxes, but let’s not forget the right machine needs the right back up and service of a reputable provider, who can service your machine, supply cleaning products, install and support your team with training if required.

The WE8 features list make it a Winner!

  • It fits our office capacity requirements
  • There are extra features available, such as Smart Connect and the Jura App Pro
  • Freshly ground beans with each cup made
  • Fresh milk with compatible fridge options
  • Easy to maintain – automatic prompt functions
  • Easy to use – One touch preparation
  • Coffee strength and temperature settings to choose from
  • Stylish appeal and sized to fit most work places
The WE8 has the coffee selection you need the way you like it! Fresh Beans and Fresh Milk Coffees

It has the drink programmes we need such as:

  • Flat White
  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Ristretti
  • Hot Water
  • Latte Macchiato

There is only one element to expressing the finest coffee from your machine that the WE8 cannot do or any machine for that matter. You have to fill it with the best coffee beans, once you have a supplier that can ideally deliver these directly to the office and, locally roasted for aroma and quality, it is at this stage you finally have everything in place to enjoy a coffee fix at work.

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  • Ema Kudrick Contigo

    Considering the fact that it is indeed extensively available for sale and even inexpensive to
    brew, coffee is still my personal drink of choice. Many individuals may panic when it comes to its underlying health and wellbeing implications or maybe
    the ideal manner in which to carry it while on the road, but nonetheless I merely gulp down a
    cup or two while resting at my residence. This is a super article and will be
    passing it to my fan base on the usual social web sites

    • Cafe Corporate Team
      Cafe Corporate Team August 9, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      Thanks for the comments Sharon.
      Keep enjoying your coffee, there are a number of health benefits in drinking fresh bean coffee but like anything, moderation is the key.

    • Cafe Corporate Team
      Cafe Corporate Team August 22, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      Coffee is my drink of choice too

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