Jura Z6 review, the latest technology in coffee perfection

Jura Z6

Technology and Flavour Rich

Jura's No.1 Coffee machine for home

Jura z6-and- cooler Jura z6 - Check out Roger Federer and Jura's ad.

Jura’s z6 espresso machine is full of incredible performance features wrapped up in a compact stylish chrome finish suitable for all kitchen spaces. Refill the water tank by sliding it forward, this feature allows you to place the machine in more spaces at home for example under overhead cupboards.

The digital front display makes selecting your drink easy. Program it to your liking making the most of the Z6 options such as the brewing temperature, coffee strength and the milk temperature settings in up to 10 levels, giving you the choices you need to create the perfect coffee. With the Jura Z6 you can have your cake coffee and drink it too!

Jura Z6 Features:

  •  Fresh beans & fresh milk
  • Smart Connect App
  • PEP Pulse Extraction Process
  • Programmable coffee strengths in 10 levels
  • Brewing temperature in 3 levels
  • Milk cooler compatible
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Hot water function 3 levels
  • Automatic milk rinse
  • Digital display
  • I.W.S ® Intelligent water system
  • Claris Smart filter

PEP ® Optimum Extraction

The perfect coffee full of flavour

With Pulse Extraction Technology

Jura-PEP-technology Jura Z6 uses PEP technology for superior flavour and a smooth velvet finish.

Jura's P.E.P.®) Pulse Extraction Technology

The new (P.E.P.®) technology, developed by Jura, optimises the brewing extraction time, by forcing hot water through the coffee grounds in short intervals, this allows the flavours of your coffee to develop fully. This process also results in more crema and a velvet smooth finish.

Enjoy more coffee selections

With up to 12 individual drinks.

“Flat-White” and more...

  • 1 latte macchiato
  • 1 Flat White
  • 1 cappuccino
  • 1 espresso macchiato
  • 2 coffees
  • 1 coffee
  • 2 espresso
  • 1 espresso
  • 2 ristretto
  • 1 ristretto
  • Milk, milk foam
  • Milk foam
  • Hot Water

Smart Connect by Jura

Programme your coffee, just as you like it

with blue tooth technology.

Jura App Technology Jura App Technology

How does Jura’s smart connect and App work?

If you have a large family that loves their coffee but you all have your own idea of the way an espresso should taste,  or are using it in a small office environment this could be the best mediator you have ever had, allowing everyone their own personal coffee settings.

Start by plugging in the Smart Connect to the back of your coffee machine, then download the App and connect it via blue tooth to your tablet or smartphone. You can pre-set your very own drinks and give them a personal name, this means your espresso is not necessary the same as everyone else's. Save to the app, and enjoy your coffee the way you programmed it, to perfection.

Z6 Capacity:

  • 2.4 Litre Water Tank
  • 280g Bean Container
  • 11.5Kg Weight
  • W32 x H37.5 x D45cm

Jura Z6 Summary:

The Z6 is simply the creme de la creme of coffee machines with so many features, but most of all the extended drink settings, coffee strength, temperature and grind all combined to bring you coffee as you enjoy it. The PEP technology then ensures it is creamy smooth and full of body, with superior crema a-top the perfect espresso – Yummy!


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