Get The Most From Your Automatic Coffee Machine

For those of you with busy lives the automatic coffee machine has become a saviour in your pursuit to produce consistent, great tasting coffee whether at work looking for your morning jolt or at work staving off the post lunch lull. However, just like semi-automatic or manual espresso machines, these too require care, attention and tweaking to get the most out of them, so we thought we’d give you a few pointers. The beauty of these super-automatic coffee machines is that once you’ve adjusted them, the work is done, so 5 minutes now and you’ll be drinking great coffee for months.

Fine Grinder Setting

Your fully automatic coffee machine will have an in-built grinder, so you just pour in the beans press the button and away you go right? It’s important to make sure your grinder is set correctly, just like on a manual machine, to ensure the espresso is properly extracted. The key here is to find the finest grind possible that still allows your machine to brew coffee, this will draw the most possible flavour from your beans and result in the best tasting coffee possible.
Every machine is different so there is no hard and fast rule, the only course of action here is to start as fine as the machine goes and trial and error. This means of course a few minutes of testing different brews. If the grind is too fine the machine will be extracted too fast and the result will be a thin, weak, bitter espresso. Just keep adjusting in increments until the coffee is extracted slowly but smoothly with an almost syrupy consistency.


The dosage size is the amount of water that is passed through the ground coffee. Standard measurements are around 30mls for a double espresso and 15 for a single. Of course there is some flexibility depending on what cups/drinks you are making. A coffee machine will only produce quality espresso to a certain volume, after that you will be drawing out the unappealing tastes of the coffee.
Note: We recommend Long Black/Americano drinkers should pour an espresso and top up with a separate hot water tap. Larger automatic machines will have this function.


The water you use through your machine is a crucial part of the process. Impurities and chemicals found in the mains supply can drastically affect taste of your coffee. That is why at Café Corporate we fit all our plumbed Jura Automatics with a small inline Aqua L’eau water filter. Wherever possible you should be using filtered water. If your machine is plumbed it is not difficult to get a small filter attached to the piping, potentially inside the machine or on the line. This is the most cost effective method but filter your water however you can. This will also greatly prolong the life of your machine.


This is the boring, non-barista part of the process. Like all coffee machines your automatic will need to be maintained and cleaned. Depending on your machine this can be an easy process. Many machines have a self-cleaning setting but there are various processes that could be applied. Ensure you descale, clean and wash your machine inside and out. This also includes the grinder, which should be wiped and scrubbed to remove any old, stale ground coffee. This should only be a weekly process at most but again the quality of your coffee will be greatly improved and so will the service life of your machine.

Follow these few steps and your automatic coffee machine should be producing great coffee for years to come.

Automatic Machines

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