Necta Krea Coffee Vending Machine

kreaFull body coffee at the touch of a button with the Necta Krea coffee vending mahcine.






Good Coffee, is Good Coffee, Anywhere

Vending machines have been the number 1 choice for hotels and restaurants for years but have not been taken up by offices. Surely, you need your self-service coffee vending machine to be 3 things: simple, reliable and effective. Whether you work in hospitality or any other industry at all, good coffee is good coffee.


The Necta Krea combines a very simple yet elegant button selection process with a small graphic display. This may not have the same wow-factor of other automatic coffee machines but it does the job. You press the button for the drink you want and it delivers that drink. What more do you want?

Easy Maintenance

If you can't attend to your coffee machine regularly, ie no one to maintain the machine during the day, then the Necta range of coffee machines is ideal. They use freeze-dried or powdered milk so the upkeep is very minimal allowing you to fill the containers with fresh beans, chocolate and milk powder in the morning and then it takes care of its self.

With easy cleaning you only need to attend once the huge grounds bin fills and there are options to increase the capacity for this too. The Necta Krea can make up to 120 cups a day.


Allegedly completing their 'breakfast portfolio' the Krea uses a new infusion system that Necta have catchily named 'Z4000 Technology'. This delivers perfectly, freshly ground coffee to into the chamber and ensures an 'optimum extraction speed and temperature'. This is not quite as fluffy as it sounds, the espresso produced is at least as good as that of the more expensive Colibri and more importantly the other machines in its class such as the Franke Pura and the whole process from push to delivery takes a matter of seconds. This new technology also ensures 'perfectly mixed beverages' so no more sloppy cappuccino or overly foamy latte.

Efficient Capacity

Despite being smaller than many other machines the Krea can still produce up to 90 espresso an hour, or 10L of hot water. The small dimensions house a powerful boiler but keeps the weight to a modest 41kg, which classifies it as a tabletop machine.

The focus of the Krea, as with most Necta machines is on the coffee itself. The design is simple and demonstrates the no-frills approach to consistent performance.The new lower-cost Krea has announced itself to the office coffee machine market with one of the very best self-service option for any office in Perth.

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