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  • Quick guide to cleaning your automatic coffee machine

    I get asked a lot about looking after your coffee machine: Is it easy to clean? Does it take long? It is for the office so it needs to be easy to maintain.

    Brands such as: WMF, Frankie and Jura all have automatic cleaning cycles making them perfect for the commercial market, while at home Jura and Delonghi provide domestic coffee machines with automatic cycles.

    Steps to Cleaning Your Automatic Coffee Machine

    What does automatic cleaning mean?

    Most of the machine brands I have mentioned will run an automatic rinse cycle, this means the machine if not used within a certain period of time will automatically rinse water through the system to clean out coffee residue;

    It is important to note that it will not rinse the milk hose and milk steam functions of your coffee machine or give it a full clean with a tablet (much like using a dish tab in your dishwasher). The Machine will prompt you when a tablet or milk clean is required and although the machine will manage the clean cycle’s there are still a few steps to take as I have listed below.

    cleaning your coffee machine milk line

    Download your Automatic Machine Cleaning Quick Guide

    How often do I need to clean the milk hose with milk steam cleaner?

    Answer: Everyday Old milk sitting in the milk hose and in the machine can clog up the coffee machine and prevent it from functioning properly. This is why it’s important you clean the milk hose every day to prevent milk blockages.

    Tip: Simply add 30ml of milk steam cleaner or cappuccino cleaner to 200mls of water, (this creates your clean solution). Remove the milk hose from the milk container and place it into your clean solution then press (P) or program mode button, your coffee machine will have a clean the milk system function, simply follow the prompts.

    Another way to clean the milk hose, is to just click on the milk portion and milk foam functions to pull the liquid through the milk hose and machine. Repeat this step with fresh water.

    How often do I need to use cleaning tablets?

    changing your coffee machine filter

    Answer: Around every 250/300 cups or when your coffee machine prompts you to. All coffee machines need to be rinsed with a cleaning tablet to ensure the inner workings of the coffee machine are flushed out and coffee residue is removed.

    Tip: Check your machine or ask the manufacturer where the tablet should be used, for Jura coffee machines the tablet is placed in the top of the machine, in the ground decaf coffee compartment. Your machine will prompt you to confirm you have placed a tablet in the system before completing its clean cycle.

    Do I need to use a filter?

    Answer: Yes if you are filling your water tank manually, for example if it is not connected directly to your water mains and they have a water filter applied already, you need to use a filter in your coffee machine tank.

    How often should I change my filter?

    Answer: Your machine should prompt you to do so. It is usually with every 50 litres of water used or around every 1-2 months depending on how often you are using your coffee machine.

    Tip: Not all machines take the same filter so be sure to check the machine model when purchasing a new one. The filter is placed in your water tank.

    By taking the time to run these quick maintenance checks and clean your automatic machines milkhose and milk steam functions each day, you will have a healthy coffee machine that will not only produce better-tasting coffee, it will last longer too.

    Psst... don't forget to add great tasting fresh coffee beans!

    Want to buy these products online: click here

  • Single Origin Coffee, what you need to know

    Single Origin Coffee: what you need to know

    single origin coffee 1

    We consider ourselves coffee nerds here at Cafe Corporate and like to stay on top of the latest in the coffee world. Single origin coffee is the one of current in coffee trends in 2015.  So what is single origin coffee, and why should you consider adding it to your to-try list?

    Coffee roasters usually blend coffee beans together, creating complex and varied flavour combinations.

    For example, they may mix a bean with strong flavour with another that has a beautiful aroma, or combine beans with different or even opposite flavours. Single origin means the coffee is made from beans grown in only one geographical region such as Colombia or Ethiopia.

    Single Origin the benefits for you,

    Experiencing the aspects transferred from just one source of beans, which are affected by factors like climate, the soil and different growing techniques. Beans from a farm in Ethiopia will have very different characteristics from those grown in Brazil or Guatemala, and serious coffee lovers will appreciate and notice the small differences.

    Two other main reasons for the increasing popularity of single origin coffee's involve both sustainability and traceability. As coffee buyers establish relationships with individual coffee growers, the farmers are often able to receive increased prices for their crops, use more environmentally-friendly farming procedures, and keep their land healthier, all of which help to improve the well-being of communities and promote sustainability.

    It is becoming increasingly common for food enthusiasts and the public in general to show far more interest in knowing exactly where their food comes from now. The importance of knowing where produce is from is more important than ever. When choosing single origin coffee this gives drinkers the opportunity to learn about the specific farm that produced their coffee, from all over the world.

    We currently stock the Little Owl Coffee Roasters Colombian Single Origin Coffee Beans.  These beans are roasted fresh on site locally ensuring maximum taste and flavour.

    Purchase Little Owls Single Origin

    Thanks to this article from Time for the inspiration -

    lloyd roasting Little Owl Coffee Roasters
  • Jura F9 Coffee Machine

    The Jura F9 Coffee Machine

    Jura F9 Coffee Machine 1

    The Jura F9 Coffee Machine is gaining attention and for good reason. It may be compact, but the F9 has impressed judges at the recent Good Design Awards in Sydney.

    The Jura F9 Coffee Machine received a prestigious award for its impressive range of advanced technologies. The sleek and modern machine offers cafe-style coffees including a ristretto and macchiato at the touch of a button.

    Want to learn more about the Jura F9 Coffee Machine?

    It is designed for your lifestyle, whether you enjoy a morning espresso, a latte, or a cafe-style flat white, with 14 different specialties the F9 has something for every taste. The F9 comes with eight aroma levels, meaning customising the coffee experience is easier than ever. Separate spouts for coffee, milk and hot water maintain absolute TÜV-certified hygiene.

    Jura F9 Coffee Machine Drinks

    Providing complete coffee convenience, simply turn the Rotary Switch to view the impressive F9 menu. With just one touch of a button, the coffee easily flows into the cup, always freshly ground and extracted. The simple, easy-to-use programming allows you to name and position coffee preferences to suit, and the machine’s height-adjustable dual spout can be positioned to fit your favourite cup.

    Jura F9 Coffee Machine Coffee Selection

    The F9 features many technical highlights including the Aroma+ grinder, which preserves the delicious flavour of the beans and cuts the grinding time in half. By perfecting the cutting angle inside the grinding cone, Jura engineers have managed to increase efficiency significantly. So now coffee lovers can enjoy a pure and perfect coffee indulgence with less preparation time and noise. Integrated fine foam technology results in a cappuccino or latte  topped with tempting, feather-light milk foam.

    Stop by our showroom to take a look.




  • Coffee Capsules vs Fresh Coffee Beans

    Coffee Capsules vs Fresh Coffee Beans

    coffee beans perth

    The popular debate of coffee capsules vs fresh coffee beans; coffee lovers are always after new information leading them to the best possible coffee.  If you’re a lover of numbers you’re in for a treat. If not we’ll skip to the facts early; fresh coffee beans are far cheaper, cleaner, higher in quality and environmentally friendly.

    For the number crunchers - COST COMPARISON // coffee capsules vs fresh coffee beans

    Let’s say you and your colleagues enjoy 80-100 cups of coffee a day.

    Standard coffee capsules cost $0.70 - $1.00 each. Totalling $70 - $100 a day,  $350 - $500 a week and $18,000 - $26,000 a year.  Over a 3 year period this totals $54,000 - $78,000.

    One bag of fresh coffee beans costs $33.00. This one bag provides 80 - 100 cups of coffee. Costing $0.35 - $0.40 per cup or $33.00 a day, $165 a week and $8,580 a year.  Over a 3 year period this totals $25,740.

    On the lower end this is a saving of over $25,000 over the span of 3 years, not to mention the various other benefits.

    One of the most important benefits of fresh coffee beans is knowing what is going into the world’s most popular beverage. With the majority of modern capsules, the beans are sourced from all over the world. Cafe Corporate work alongside Little Owl Coffee Roasters, a local WA roaster of fresh coffee beans.

    Our beans are roasted on site daily, ensuring quality and freshness. Our beans are carefully selected and ethically sourced from sustainable coffee farms. This effort on our part creates not only a better tasting coffee but a feel good coffee too.

    Other benefits include less waste, mess and packaging. Capsules produce a lot of unnecessary waste, whereas beans come in one bag, which can be easily recycled.

  • Mothers Day Special

    With Mother's Day coming soon we are starting on the celebrations now!  For our Mothers Day Special, our very own Annie's blend is on sale for $30.00 (1Kg) online and in store this week ending Sunday 10/5/15.

    We love our mums and they love their coffee.  We asked the mums in our office their coffee order of choice  -

    Annie / likes it strong with a double shot latte

    Alitia / enjoys something different with a almond milk flat white

    Suzie / is a sweet tooth ordering a skim cappuccino with extra sprinkles

    Deb /  keeps it simple with a extra hot flat white

    Gemma / loves a caffeine hit with a long mac occasionally topped up

    Trish / her go to is a soy flat white

    Jacqui / likes a standard latte with a twist - sprinkles on top

    Leonie / needs a double shot flat white, it keeps her so energetic and fun!

    To purchase Annie's Blend on special we will see you in store soon or head here

    Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely mothers!

    mothers day


  • The Jura Giga X9c Professional

    The Jura Giga X9c Professional is one of our most popular automatic commercial and cafe coffee machines, and for good reason.  Businesses currently using the Jura Giga X9c Professional purchased from Cafe Corporate include Webb & Brown-Neaves Homes, Dale Alcock Homes, Conocophillips Australia remote Western Australian mine-sites and most recently the Rigters Supermarket IGA in Geraldton. Rigters Supermarket IGA has now opened a fresh food deli serving delicious signature series coffee roasted by Little Owl Coffee Roasters, here's Alan, our general sales manager with the team and their new machine.

    Geraldton IGA Cafe

    The Jura GIGA X9c Professional is the plumbed version of top selling GIGA X9. This high end machine is designed for professional barista and caterer use creating 100 + cups of coffee a day with ease. The plumbed version maintains the large ground container of the original X9 with the added benefits of a permanent water supply, allowing you to produce a high amount of different specialty coffees easily and efficiently.

    Features include:

    • Fresh coffee beans at the touch of a button
    • Manual barista arm for specialty drinks and latte art
    • Automatic rinsing and cleaning process for easy care
    • Indicator light for bean container
    • Parallel preparation for coffee, steam and hot water
    • Intelligent Fresh Water System
    • Drip drain set

    Jura Giga X9C Professional Hoppers Jura Giga X9C Professional Latte Jura Giga X9C Professional


  • Welcoming back a familiar face at Cafe Corporate

    Cafe Corporate are welcoming back a familiar face.

    Some of you may remember Alitia, she worked at Cafe Corporate for 5 years, 5 years ago and has now returned. Alitia is working in the Sales department alongside Alan, our Sales Manager. Alitia is bubbly, vivacious and loves a chat.  Alitia is a wealth of knowledge on all coffee machines and related products, she knows them inside out.

    Alitia has worked in marketing, sales and merchandising prior making her an extremely valuable member of our team.  Alitia ensures that our showroom is up to date with the latest machine and product ranges and keeps things looking good around here.

    In her spare time Alitia is a well known singer and performer in WA, performing all over WA including balls and charity events. Alitia is also a green thumb - her latest project is an organic veggie patch and enjoys a good cup of coffee - like everyone here!





  • Coffee Machine Buying Guide – Step 3: The Extras

    2 down, 2 to go. You have chosen your price, machine type and boiler strength now onto our final piece of consumer advice, the extras. These are the little intangibles that you do not make the headlines and more importantly the inconsequential features that vendors will throw at you to put you off the scent.

    What to Look For


    You can have the most capable machine in the world, with the best boiler, amazing built in controls and an array of flashing lights that show you ‘something’ is happening. But how is it to use? This can often be an afterthought for engineers and designers. Here are a few pointers:

    Size – a compact machine is fantastic but can you slip the portafilter handle out easily, is their enough clearance below the group head for the cups you own.

    Positioning – check the switches and knobs to make sure they are accessible, are the indicator lights easy to see, does the portafilter lock easily.

    Cup Warming Tray – many machines will use the heat of the boiler to warm cups, but with poor heat exchange these can act more as a fancy aesthetic than usable cup warmer.

    Before you buy a machine run through the process of making a coffee, most retailers will have usable display models, so make sure you test it out.

    Design and Sustainability

    The design of a coffee machine is actually important. Even the smallest machines are noticeable so they have to look the part. Will it fit with your kitchen or café? To justify the cost you will need your coffee machine to last a long time, so pay attention to the build quality. If it feels flimsy or unstable then chances are it won’t last. Look for good quality materials and a solid body.

    Things That Don’t Matter

    Many retailers will try their best to sell you a machine with all the bells and whistles, justify extra cost because of inbuilt features that you will either never use or have no impact. Just a few common examples are:

    The Crema Enhancer – these generally damage the espresso in the search for an attractive looking coffee. There are some exceptions but generally this is either marketing nonsense or a destructive force.

    4,000 BAR pump - You find a lot of cheap espresso machines bragging about 15, 16, or even 18 BARs of pressure. This makes very little difference. Almost every machine available has a vibratory pump inside that is more than adequate for the task of producing 9 BAR of pressure.

  • Jura F8 - Best of the Best Coffee Machine 2014

    Impressa F8 TFT - RdDotJura have produced yet another award winning automatic coffee machine. The Impressa F8 TFT was awarded the 2014 Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ award for its ‘exceptional quality’ and ‘ground-breaking design’. This makes it one of the best coffee machines in its class.

    Red Dot Best Coffee Machine 2014

    This award puts the F8 in the top 1.5% of the 4,815 nominations and proves once again that Jura are among the leaders in product design. The panel commended the F8 on its TFT colour display and how well it simplifies choosing from the wide range of speciality coffees this compact machine can produce. Also on the list was the hot water and steam function and Latte Macchiatio system. The expert judges were also impressed by the high build quality and precise workmanship that has become a trademark of Jura machines.

    This is just yet another in a long list of awards for Jura, but serves to reaffirm their dominance over the automatic coffee machine market and proving they are still making the best automatic coffee machines and the rest of the field have some catching up to do.

    Follow these links for more information or to buy a Jura Impress F8 or any other Jura Automatic Coffee Machine.

  • Coffee Machine Buying Guide – Step 4: Accessorise

    This is it, the final chapter of our coffee machine buying guide adventure, the accessories. These are vital for turning your machine into a full scale coffee station.

    Coffee Grinder

    It is difficult to emphasise just how important a good grinder is for making good coffee, in fact it would probably need its own buying guide.

    The Tamper

    The Tamper is used for levelling out your dose in the portafilter before you start to brew. The importance and techniques are surprisingly crucial but are best left to the professionals to explain, we will leave it at this. Buy a Tamper

    Milk Cooler/Milk Fridge

    Milk is steamed best when it is cold, and we mean refrigerator cold. You have the option of pouring the milk out into a cooling machine for example the Jura Cool Control or a small specifically designed fridge such as the Waeco Milk Cooler. A separate fridge is not vital for non-super-automatic machines but a small fridge near your coffee machine is a time-saving must for cafes and hospitality.

    Knock Boxes

    These simple little bins hold your used coffee grounds. So why not just use a bin? A knock box is designed with a bar and hose over the top for you to very simply knock the spent coffee out of your portafilter.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Poor maintenance is the quickest way to ruin your coffee, kill your machine and turn your coffee station into an eyesore. Make sure you keep it clean and fresh with regular rinsing, cleaning and even descaling. We have a large selection of coffee machine cleaning supplies available. Make sure you rinse the portafilter after every use, to wash away the used coffee and at least once a day you should rinse grouphead with water, put the portafilter in place and wiggle it as you run the pump.

    And there we have it, you are now ready to buy, own and most importantly enjoy your coffee machine. For any questions please feel free to call us on 08 9330 1577.

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