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  • WEGA Vela Vintage- Professional Coffee Machine

    Wega Vela Vintage- Professional Coffee Machine

    The WEGA Vela Vintage EVD 2 is a top of the range, professional 2 group coffee machine, perfect for café and hospitality baristas. The EVD model is electric model of the Vela Vintage series, using its built-in processor to control all operations volumetric dosages for coffee brewing or maintaining the Auto Level pump. This makes for precision and reliability on the part of the machine as it works with the Barista. However with the various micro-adjustable and programmable temperature and volume settings, the user is still very much in control.

    Style Without Comprimise

    The retro-styled illuminated touchpads are fully waterproof as well as stylish The steam tap knobs have also be styled to fit the overall aesthetic while the steam wands they control are curved for not only better steaming but also easy use.


    The group heads are set with the standard 82 mm clear drop from spout tip to lower tray or alternatively at a raised 122 mm to fit any cup size.
    Each group head can be programmed to deliver up to 6 dose sizes including a manual brewing button, while the the EVD’s hot water tap has its own, separate electronic dosing. The hot and cold water mixer can also be set to any temperature you could want. It doesn’t stop there, even the temperature of the electric cup warmer can be adjusted to fit your needs.


    The volumetric pump has an Auto Level feature, that monitors the amount of water available and automatically refills itself from your mains supply. This has then been coupled with an improved dual scale manometer indicating boiler and thermo syphon circulation to ensure you always have enough hot water.

    The thermal efficiency of the brewing groups has been improved to minimise power wastage and ensure coffee temperature throughout service.

    Technical Specifications

    • Group Head: E61
    • Voltage: 240/li>
    • Power 3400(W)
    • Boiler Capacity: 12(lt)
    • Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 770 x 560 x 540
    • Weight (kg): 71-81

    To order your WEGA Vela Vintage today click on the link here or call us today on (08) 9330 1577

  • Jura Impressa A5 - Domestic Coffee Machine

    A5 Aluminium Domestic coffee machine

    Introducing the new Jura IMPRESSA A5. The new, slimline addition to the IMPRESSA A domestic coffee machine range. The A5 uses the intuitive one touch system found in new Jura automatic coffee machine, a clear and concise method that puts your machine in control of your coffee. The A5 prepares cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Despite its compact design, this exceptional machine can prepare two coffees at the same time with no fuss.

    Automatic Domestic Coffee Machine

    Compact Design

    The clean, sharp lines of the A5 fit the characteristic look of the IMPRESSA range. The solid aluminium, chrome plated ventilation gills in Piano Black not only look good but also demonstrate the build quality and precise workmanship that has been used in every feature of this high quality domestic coffee machine

    Maximum Coffee Aroma

    The IMPRESSA A5 is full of built in features that will improve the taste of your coffee. The Aroma+ grinder preserves the flavour through the grind while the precise internal mechanisms are configured for perfect extraction of your espresso. The end result is a rich, delicate crema on every shot.

    Dual Spout Delivery

    The dual spout, height-adjustable on a continuous scale between 55 mm and 138 mm is equipped with Jura’s state-of-the-art fine foam technology. It produces a light-as-air layer of milk foam for the perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato whilst still being easy to dismantle and clean. The A5 is also fitted with two separate pipe systems to ensure there is no cross contamination between your milk and coffee.

    Faster Grinder

    The new Aroma+ grinder that has become standard in all Jura automatic coffee machines has been improved, grinding your coffee beans in half the time of the old grinder.

    The A5 is also available from Cafe Corporate in Platinum and Red. Click here to buy yours today.



  • Welcome to the New Cafe Corporate Online Store

    Cafe Corporate Blog

    Our new site is live...and apparently everyone is loving it!  The feedback has been amazing so keep it all coming folks.

    As well as offering you an all new online shopping experience, we now have a new blog, which is a first for us.  Your reading it now, so be sure to keep coming back and hearing all the latest in the world of coffee, brought to you by Perth's premier supplier of coffee machines, coffee beans and coffee machine supplies.

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