Jura Z9 – Plus X - Best Coffee Machine

Jura Impressa Z9 - Award copyUsers of the Jura Z9 will already know that it is one of the best coffee machines in the automatic domestic market. Well the people at Plus X tended to agree, awarding Jura awards in four categories making it the best fully automatic coffee machine of 2013. Now, with our new blogging capability we can finally tell you all about just how great they thought it was.

The IMPRESSA Z9 was recognised for: the superb quality of the coffee, the fascinating design, the sophisticated operation and the extremely high degree of functionality. A Plus X award is one of the most important innovation awards for technology, lifestyle and sports. To win an award a product must show at least one “Plus X” factor and the Z9 showed 4.

Jura - Award Winners

This is just another case of Jura surpassing the rest of the automatic coffee machine market, their cutting-edge technology and excellent energy management all fit within their concise and simple yet elegant design, at least that was the sentiment of the Plus X judges. They were especially impressed with the high resolution TFT colour display and Rotary switch coffee selection system which makes choosing your coffee easier than ever and the new, faster and more efficient Aroma+ grinder.


We know that he Z9 is fantastic domestic coffee machine and has now been recognised for how easily it produces its fantastic coffee. Jura are a highly awarded brand, with their focus being on useful innovations. They employ some of the top coffee experts and technicians in the world who spend their time researching and testing new features that make the best coffee machine possible for the user and most importantly, the drinker.

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