WMF 1500s single coffee grinder with chocolate hopper

WMF 1500s Commercial Coffee Machine - 1.Grinder

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The WMF 1500S is the successor to WMF’s top-selling automatic coffee machine the WMF Presto. The 1500s has all the features you would expect on a WMF from the huge output capabilities, incredible build quality and customisability but with lots of modifications. The 1500S is slimmer than the previous models and boasts a new MMI-Touch display making coffee customising even easier than before along with EASY milk system allowing for hot milk, milk foam and cold milk function. The 1500S is capable of almost anything from a large office or self-serve vending situation with a coin checker or card reader to a high volume hospitality or catering environment.

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The WMF 1500Sis the new generation of WMF commercial coffee machines. The 1500S is built in the same recognisable style as previous WMF vending machines but with some clear differences. Having replaced with the usual buttons with a touch screen interface, the 1500S is now even easier to use and the new shape and illuminated side panels make it look the part. However do not think that these improvements are only superficial, the illuminated panels have a signal function linked to the quality management computer, giving each pattern a meaning. There is also a new timer function attached to the power allowing you to programme the 1500S to turn itself off whenever you want, or even better just activate or deactivate certain functions.

The WMF milk system offers either basic or easy milk options to the hot milk and hot milk foam selection, allowing you to texture and use cold milk in your beverages. Even with all this control and customisability the WMF 1500S still has 48 programmable drink selections for you to choose from, which you can create from your own recipes and even upload your own image. Outside of these new functions the 1500S still has the huge bean hoppers and extra chocolate chute and the ability to produce 180 cups in one hour making it capable of dealing with any high output situation.


    • Automatic cleaning and Plug + Clean system for easy maintenance
    • Height adjustable spout
    • Very quiet throughout preparation and sering
    • Removable bean hopper
    • Chocolate hopper
    • Tank water supply
    • Attach to coin-checker or card machine for self-serve
    • SteamJet heats up cups
    • 1 Grinder
    • 180 cups per hour
    • 48 programable drink settings
Additional Info

Additional Information

Machine Type Automatic
Coffee Type Fresh Bean
Capacity (Cups Per Day) 150+

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