WMF1100s Automatic Coffee Machine Ideal for Office Use

The WMF1100s automatic coffee machine has all the coffee drink settings and versatility packed into a compact space, the Hot Chocolate function and steam wand are just a bonus!

Office Automatic Coffee Machine

Packed with Features

Perfect for 80 cups a day making all your favourite coffee drinks along with hot chocolate and a milk steam arm which allows you the option of frothing your own milk should you want an alternative to standard milk.

WMF1100s automatic coffee machine

Coffee App

You can customise your drink settings to suit at the coffee machine, and for those with individual tastes and likes, which let’s face it is most us. You can download the “my coffee app” and program your own drink settings on your phone, so you don’t need to drink the standard pre-programmed coffee drinks on the machine.

my coffee app

WMF1100s Compact Design

Fits almost any office or workplace kitchen

The WMF1100s will fit almost any office kitchen and runs on 10amp, plugging into a standard switch. It’s sleek design, makes it perfect for clients in a showroom or boardroom situation. Dimensions: W32.5cm x H50cm x D56.1cm

WMF1100s Office coffee machine

Automatic & Easy to Use

With Versatile Optional Extras

With the option of both tanked or plumbed, you can enjoy the ease of having a coffee machine that can be mobile or plumbed in to save your staff time filling the water tank. The tank holds 4.5 Litres which will make a considerable amount of hot drinks, if a larger hopper is required there is an extension taking the hopper capacity from 550 grams to 1.5kg

Combine this with a milk fridge specially designed to connect directly with the coffee machine for ease of use, and to keep your milk refrigerated at all times, along with a grounds bin kit that allows grinds to drop into a bin under the bench and you have minimal maintenance throughout the day.

Cafe Corporate Office Coffee Machines

WMF1100s Coffee Machine Features:

  • Freshly ground beans in each cup
  • Fresh milk
  • Chocolate dispenser (optional)
  • Can be plumbed
  • Easy click&clean maintenance
  • Hot water spout
  • WMF Filter (or plumbed in optional)
  • Basic milk system
  • Steam jet cup preparation
  • Steam arm (optional)

WMF1100s Capactiy:

  • 4.5 Litre Water Tank
  • 550gram Hopper
  • 1.5kg Hopper extensions (optional)
  • 450gram Chocolate Hopper (optional)
  • 7 Inch touch display
  • 25.5kg Weight + extras
  • 10Amp
  • Dimensions: W32.5cm x H50cm x D56.1cm
  • Dimensions with hopper extensions: W32.5cm x H60cm x D56.1cm

Take a closer look by clicking the link: WMF1100s Coffee MachineWMF1100s coffee machine








Written by: Letitia Pearcy

Café Corporate.

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