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  • Best Coffee Machines for Schools

    Schools seeing the benefit in providing great coffee

    We have seen a spike in coffee machine enquiries from schools, as many teachers and parents alike demand barista quality coffee during their working day or at school events.

    Rather than making do with instant or going out to buy a coffee, schools are changing focus and are now seeing the benefits and profits in keeping teachers and parents within the school gates.

    Schools are taking advantage of new coffee machine innovations

    Utilising payment systems help to raise funds..

    Many college Bursars are taking advantage of coffee machines with payment systems either coin or cashless operations, to pay off the equipment which remains in place to become a fundraising investment, by paying off the machine in just a few months it is then used to raise profits and fund school projects.

    Coffee Machines for Schools Jura X8 Coffee Machine for Schools

    Similarly to sports clubs I am also approached by schools stating they have short intervals requiring high demand coffee output, Whitford Junior Football Club are an example they decided to purchase two machines allowing them to produce twice as fast and by selling their coffee they can pay off their investment within a few short months. So stop letting the coffee van operator take all the profits let your members and teachers invest back into the school and their students instead.

    What are the costs to run a profitable coffee machine in schools?

    • Let’s say you invest in equipment costing between $4,400.00 and $5,500.00 RRP
    • If you have 40-50 staff, you might find they make between 1-2 cups a day this would average out to be 60-70 cups of coffee each day. You charge $2.00 - $3.00 for each coffee.
    • Total $120.00 – $210.00 each day, 5 days a week = between $600.00 - $1,050.00.00.
    • Each cup will cost you between 45-55cents depending on if it is a milk or black coffee, so within a few months you can pay off the equipment and the rest is contributed to raising funds.

    Not every school chooses to charge for coffee

    The health benefits of fresh bean machines..

    Many schools simply want to provide their teachers with quality real coffee as a healthier choice, it is good to know in this case that pods work out around 70% more expensive than fresh bean coffee, so being healthy is also cheaper not to mention the obvious environmental benefits.

    Some schools are starting to adopt the “naturally smart program” connecting schools world wide with training and support for teachers and students in creating local projects which provide a healthier global footprint, by selling coffee to raise funds for sustainability projects. Rolled out in some South Australian schools, the program is set to grow in private and public schools from 2018 onwards across the country.

    Fresh Bean Coffee Machines Health Benefit Of Fresh Bean Coffee Machines in Schools

    We have been servicing Perth and WA for over 20years and helped many customers find the right solution such as: Bunbury Cathedral Grammar, TAFE, Curtin University, UWA and many more..

    If you would like to discuss the options and find which is best for your school or education centre please give us a call: 08 93301577

    Written by: Letitia Pearcy

    Café Corporate.

  • Coffee Machines for sports clubs

    Coffee machines supporting fundraising for sports clubs

    Fundraising through coffee sales in sports clubs is on the rise, with many clubs becoming aware of the need to keep their members and parents at the club grounds during the season. It is not enough to simply serve coffee it needs to be good quality coffee if you want to keep your customers at the club supporting your fundraising efforts.

    I have spoken with several Junior football clubs recently who were offering coffee previously but losing out on the sales due to poor quality coffee. Their members simply went elsewhere, and many coffee van operators started to poach their sales.

    Take a way coffees for sports clubs

    What are the best coffee machines for sports clubs?

    Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions and concerns clubs have and how they have overcome them.

    Issue: The coffee quality needs to be good for our members to purchase from our club canteen

    Solution: Fresh bean machines are a must, find a local roaster like Little Owl they can support your club and discuss wholesale prices.

    Issue: We have volunteers who are not trained baristas and they can change during the season.

    Solution: A manual Espresso machine can make great coffee but only if the person running it is experienced. Automatic machines have come a long way in the last 5 years producing barista quality coffee at the touch of a button, limiting the need for training. A machine that lets you push a button next to your selected drink and then does the work for you is a good solution. Many clubs have gone with Jura’s Giga range of coffee machines.

    Coffee Machines for Sports Clubs

    Issue: A common issue is a demand for up to 200 cups a day at short intervals, keeping up during these periods is paramount to profits.

    Solution: While a manual Espresso 2 group machine can produce 2-4 cups at one time, the speed with which the drinks are completed comes down to a highly trained barista who can juggle many coffee requests at one time.

    An automatic machine will produce 1-2 coffees by simply pushing a button and can take from 40 seconds to 1min depending on the type and size of the coffee. I recommend 8oz cups for optimum flavour and profits. A bonus with an automatic machine is that you can be preparing food and other customer requests at the same time, as the machine prepares coffee for you.

    Sports Clubs and Coffee Fundraising

    Sports clubs making coffee fundraising a success

    Several clubs in Perth and WA have overcome the capacity for large volumes at once by purchasing or leasing two machines during the season. While this may seem excessive they have done their homework and realised the costs of equipment are outweighed by the revenue they will earn especially if they can pay off the machine over several months.

    For example, a machine might cost from $3,950.00 to $5,500.00 + to purchase, if you are charging $3.50 per cup and making: $2.80 to $3.00 each time you sell a coffee that equals $560.00 - $1,200.00 dollars each weekend if producing 200 cups a day.

    An example of how successful clubs have made selling coffee is (BZFC) Brunswick Zebras Football Club, the President has opted for a manual machine and keeps their volunteers The trained, in his own words “Coffee is our biggest fundraiser.” as mentioned in an interview with the Funding Centre

    If you want advice or to discuss and sample the best options for your club whether it be an Espresso machine or Automatic, get in touch with us. We can supply all your coffee needs as a one stop solution.

    Café Corporate supplying WA for over 20 Years.

    Written by: Letitia Pearcy

    Café Corporate.

  • WMF1100s Automatic Coffee Machine Ideal for Office Use

    The WMF1100s automatic coffee machine has all the coffee drink settings and versatility packed into a compact space, the Hot Chocolate function and steam wand are just a bonus!

    Office Automatic Coffee Machine

    Packed with Features

    Perfect for 80 cups a day making all your favourite coffee drinks along with hot chocolate and a milk steam arm which allows you the option of frothing your own milk should you want an alternative to standard milk.

    WMF1100s automatic coffee machine

    Coffee App

    You can customise your drink settings to suit at the coffee machine, and for those with individual tastes and likes, which let’s face it is most us. You can download the “my coffee app” and program your own drink settings on your phone, so you don’t need to drink the standard pre-programmed coffee drinks on the machine.

    my coffee app

    WMF1100s Compact Design

    Fits almost any office or workplace kitchen

    The WMF1100s will fit almost any office kitchen and runs on 10amp, plugging into a standard switch. It’s sleek design, makes it perfect for clients in a showroom or boardroom situation. Dimensions: W32.5cm x H50cm x D56.1cm

    WMF1100s Office coffee machine

    Automatic & Easy to Use

    With Versatile Optional Extras

    With the option of both tanked or plumbed, you can enjoy the ease of having a coffee machine that can be mobile or plumbed in to save your staff time filling the water tank. The tank holds 4.5 Litres which will make a considerable amount of hot drinks, if a larger hopper is required there is an extension taking the hopper capacity from 550 grams to 1.5kg

    Combine this with a milk fridge specially designed to connect directly with the coffee machine for ease of use, and to keep your milk refrigerated at all times, along with a grounds bin kit that allows grinds to drop into a bin under the bench and you have minimal maintenance throughout the day.

    Cafe Corporate Office Coffee Machines

    WMF1100s Coffee Machine Features:

    • Freshly ground beans in each cup
    • Fresh milk
    • Chocolate dispenser (optional)
    • Can be plumbed
    • Easy click&clean maintenance
    • Hot water spout
    • WMF Filter (or plumbed in optional)
    • Basic milk system
    • Steam jet cup preparation
    • Steam arm (optional)

    WMF1100s Capactiy:

    • 4.5 Litre Water Tank
    • 550gram Hopper
    • 1.5kg Hopper extensions (optional)
    • 450gram Chocolate Hopper (optional)
    • 7 Inch touch display
    • 25.5kg Weight + extras
    • 10Amp
    • Dimensions: W32.5cm x H50cm x D56.1cm
    • Dimensions with hopper extensions: W32.5cm x H60cm x D56.1cm

    Take a closer look by clicking the link: WMF1100s Coffee MachineWMF1100s coffee machine








    Written by: Letitia Pearcy

    Café Corporate.

  • Welcoming back a familiar face at Cafe Corporate

    Cafe Corporate are welcoming back a familiar face.

    Some of you may remember Alitia, she worked at Cafe Corporate for 5 years, 5 years ago and has now returned. Alitia is working in the Sales department alongside Alan, our Sales Manager. Alitia is bubbly, vivacious and loves a chat.  Alitia is a wealth of knowledge on all coffee machines and related products, she knows them inside out.

    Alitia has worked in marketing, sales and merchandising prior making her an extremely valuable member of our team.  Alitia ensures that our showroom is up to date with the latest machine and product ranges and keeps things looking good around here.

    In her spare time Alitia is a well known singer and performer in WA, performing all over WA including balls and charity events. Alitia is also a green thumb - her latest project is an organic veggie patch and enjoys a good cup of coffee - like everyone here!





  • Sunbeam Café Series EM7000 – Australian International Design Award

    EM7000 Cafe Series Manual Espresso Machine - Perth

    We have yet another award winning coffee machine in our range. The Sunbeam Cafe Series EM7000 Espresso Machine was awarded the prestigious Australian International Design Award making it the only manual espresso machine currently available in Australia to carry such an accolade.

    Commenting on the award, John Turnbull, Sunbeam General Marketing Manager, said: "Fresh from a successful weekend at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo which saw the EM7000 go down a storm with everyone from consumers to coffee roasters, we are delighted it has been further honoured with this prestigious award. The award is evidence and recognition of Sunbeam's commitment to developing coffee machines that deliver café quality espresso at home."

    The Australian Engineered EM7000 Café Series Espresso Machine was launched as the upgrade to the groundbreaking EM6910 which itself redefined the market. Sunbeam has always focussed on producing commercial quality espresso machines for the domestic market and the EM7000 is no different, featuring a brass collar, PID controlled twin thermoblock heating system and, at the time, a unique temperature sensing steam wand. The Café Series was originally a fantastic ‘bang for your buck’ option but as it has developed has become a serious contender for any mid-range manual espresso machine.

  • Café Corporate – Perth Coffee Roasters

    Decaf - Owl OnlyWe could not be more excited to announce the launch of Little Owl, our very own artisan coffee roasters.

    After years working with some of the best roasters in Australia, the boss, Tony, decided that he can do it better. He felt had the team (that’s us), the customers (that’s you) and the passion (that’s all him) in place to roast our own incredible coffee, and he has done just that.

    After months of set-backs and paper work and more importantly tinkering and tasting, our Head Roaster, Lloyd, has struck gold with a fantastic Signature Blend and a range of single origins that’s as diverse as it is delicious.

    Little Owl

    You can buy our new range online here at Café Corporate by going to our Little Owl Coffee page or even at (coming soon). We understand you might not be as excited as we are, but that’s only because you haven’t tasted the coffee.

    For tastings, advice or larger orders please call us on 08 9330 1577. Alan would love to hear from you and we know Tony loves nothing more than talking coffee.

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