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  • Jura Giga X9 Professional

    FrontWith the power of 3 thermoblocks and 3 pumps, this incredible coffee machine prepares the full repertoire of speciality coffees at the touch of a button.

    In professional catering, speed matters – and multiple heating and fluid systems deliver higher hot water output, up to 30 litres an hour. A large water tank and coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use of the GIGA X9 Professional. If mobility is not an issue opt for the plumbed X9c, the same powerful precision without the need to refill.


    New Steam Lance

    Professional barista steam lance froths milk in a matter of seconds. The built-in sensor continuously monitors the temperature and automatically switches off when your milk is perfect.


    The Giga X9 is as easy to care for as it is to operate. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes allow you to just sit back and enjoy your coffee.


    Transform the Giga X9 from a coffee machine to a tailored coffee station with a wide range of accessories. Keep your cups warm and your milk cool or even install an interface for your accounting system.

    For consistently great tasting coffee simply go to the Jura Giga X9 Professional page or call us on 0893301577

  • Subiaco Cafe Implements Faulty Pay for Performance Model

    Subi CafeHow would you feel if your boss started docking your pay when you made a mistake, but with the consequence being a dock in your pay? A delay? $10 dock. Show up late? $100 dock. If you were a really bad employee, you might end up owing money at the end of the week. Well this is exactly what was happening at a Subiaco Cafe. Would you still do business with them? Let’s take a closer look.

    In the case of the Subiaco Coffee Shop, 4 employees experienced this kind of management and became fed up. Employees had been charged for in-house cooking lessons/demos and had been docked pay for issues like $12 for delivering a cold pizza, or $18.90 for a hair being found in a pizza. In result, they reported their manager to the Fair Work Ombudsman and the story has generated quite a bit of controversy.

    This cafe owner has been fined and his actions found to be unlawful. The law states that wage deductions can not be made if an employee has not agreed in writing, and if it is not for their benefit. Deductions can only be made if allowed by a court order, a law, or under an employee award or registered agreement. (read more here. The question is whether the owner’s tactics were fair or not.

    In my opinion, the idea of deducting wages is not necessarily unfair, as long as they are reasonable and the guidelines are clearly outlined. The rules and regulations should be communicated and agreed upon beforehand, in a written agreement as required by law, in order to be fairly and uniformly enforced.

    Imagine you show up late to work and get docked $100, then your co-worker burns a pizza and gets docked $15. Obviously you should get to work on time but £100? Also, the ambiguity is unfair and in benefit of only the owner. Outside of the legal implications, the problem in Subiaco is a lack of a defined system of consequences coupled with outrageous rates. It is not fair to deduct pay without a standard that applies to everyone and, as always, the punishment must fit the crime. While it may be an effective system when implemented correctly, it is counter-productive when employees cannot trust their employer.

    In conclusion, a well-motivated staff results in good public relations and can hence lead to good public opinion about the business. Nobody wants to hear about people being unfairly treated, hence the uproar. Staff members are the first customers; if they are not satisfied with the treatment they are getting from their boss, it will reflect on the business’s front line customer service. With that in mind, it is of the best interest to everyone if a fair and transparent system of expectations and consequences is agreed upon by all parties; be it a compensation plan with deductions for being late, or extra commission made on delivering results. For Subiaco Café customers, whether you want to do business with them remains your choice. Maybe the owner will learn his lesson and this controversy will motivate him to think his management strategy through to benefit the employees, customers and owner.

  • The Benefits Of Automatic Coffee Machines

    I recently got into a discussion with our head roaster about automatic coffee machines. Lloyd is a purist and coffee fanatic and without trying to toot our own horn, one of the best baristas I have ever met. In essence, he is as close to a figurehead for the argument against automatic coffee machines as there could possibly be and I was waiting for a tirade against automating the art of coffee making. However, even he has come around to the use of automatic machines and admitted they ‘have their place’.

    Obviously the best coffee is made by an experienced, trained barista controlling every aspect of the shot and adding their own signature flair to each cup, but that is not what the automatic machine is competing with. Automatic coffee machines are not supposed to replace baristas but simply act as a substitute when there is not one at hand.

    The improvements in automatic coffee machines over the last few years have been quite remarkable with companies like Jura and WMF leading the way, automatic machines have gone from offices to homes and even to hospitality professionals.

    Why buy an automatic machine?

    Speciality Coffees

    Enjoying a speciality drink, does not mean you can make it. Without a coffee machine you are limited to pots of brewed coffee. An automatic coffee machine gives you all the speciality drinks you want at the touch of a button.

    Make Fresh Coffee

    Gone are the days of making a pot of coffee and leaving it percolating on the hotplate for hours on end. This over-brewing will destroy the taste and leave you with little more than a sour caffeine injection.

    Use Fresh Beans

    Roasted coffee beans will hold their freshness much better than after you grind it. The grinding process will release the oils and flavours that give coffee its taste. An automatic coffee machine should have an in-built grinder which grinds the coffee to order each time you use it. This gives you a fresh tasting coffee each time you use it.

    Free Choice of Coffee

    Your automatic machine can still use any beans you want. You can still treat yourself to an exclusive roast from an artisan roaster or test new beans you found in a market, the possibilities are endless.


    Automatic coffee machines are getting faster and faster with some preparing cappuccinos in under a minute.


    An automatic machine is programmed to make coffee to pre-set specifications. Although this scientific approach may take the ‘heart’ out of coffee making, it means there is no room for the mistakes that untrained coffee drinkers will make.


    It's certainly more an issue for offices, but safety can be a real concern when using a manual machine. The process of manually making coffee involves plenty of hot water, often steam being fired out of a hot metal wand. I am not suggesting that your employees can not use a kettle, but accidents happen and the larger the more coffees you make the more scope there is for injury.

    If you would like more information or to purchase an automatic coffee machine for your business or home then get in touch or go to our coffee machines page.

  • Jura Z9 – Plus X - Best Coffee Machine

    Jura Impressa Z9 - Award copyUsers of the Jura Z9 will already know that it is one of the best coffee machines in the automatic domestic market. Well the people at Plus X tended to agree, awarding Jura awards in four categories making it the best fully automatic coffee machine of 2013. Now, with our new blogging capability we can finally tell you all about just how great they thought it was.

    The IMPRESSA Z9 was recognised for: the superb quality of the coffee, the fascinating design, the sophisticated operation and the extremely high degree of functionality. A Plus X award is one of the most important innovation awards for technology, lifestyle and sports. To win an award a product must show at least one “Plus X” factor and the Z9 showed 4.

    Jura - Award Winners

    This is just another case of Jura surpassing the rest of the automatic coffee machine market, their cutting-edge technology and excellent energy management all fit within their concise and simple yet elegant design, at least that was the sentiment of the Plus X judges. They were especially impressed with the high resolution TFT colour display and Rotary switch coffee selection system which makes choosing your coffee easier than ever and the new, faster and more efficient Aroma+ grinder.


    We know that he Z9 is fantastic domestic coffee machine and has now been recognised for how easily it produces its fantastic coffee. Jura are a highly awarded brand, with their focus being on useful innovations. They employ some of the top coffee experts and technicians in the world who spend their time researching and testing new features that make the best coffee machine possible for the user and most importantly, the drinker.

    For more information or to buy yours today go to the Jura Z9, use the contact page product page or call us on (08) 9330 1577

  • Starbucks need to learn Australian Coffee

    SBucksStarbucks is coming back to Australia. Backed by the Withers Group the multibillionaire coffee giant is planning to cross the pacific. Withers, the owners of 7-eleven, have bought the remaining 24 stores and are looking for more.

    Despite Starbucks international popularity with sales of $US15 billion across 18,000 stores in 64 countries, it has already failed once to conquer the Australian coffee. Back in 2000 the Fortune 500 company failed to compete with established chains siting Gloria Jean’s and McDonald’s McCafe as its major competition. In 8 years Starbucks lost $143 million with 60 of its 81 stores being unprofitable and hired and sacked 685 staff.
    The Withers group have stated that their aim is to make Starbucks the ‘most successful coffee chain in Australia’ using their own skills and experience in bringing the largest coffee house chain to Australia. But will it work? Starbucks, Australia aside, is undoubtedly hugely popular and incredibly successful so will that success translate to the Australian coffee market? What can we learn from Starbucks mistakes in the Australian Coffee market?

    So why did they fail?

    Coffee Culture

    The Australian coffee market is dominated by small independent cafes. Turns out customers here like the personalised service and remain loyal to their favourite places. Our cafes take their coffee seriously spending money on great baristas and trained staff. The also take the time to get to know their customers and what they like. The coffee culture itself repelled the Starbucks business model. In fact the countries that Starbucks has dominated recently have been new to coffee. China for example, have moved from tea to coffee due, in no small part, to the introduction of Starbucks,. They were also instrumental in bringing in the American version of the Italian café. For these customers, this is what they know. Australians are used to something very different and in our humble opinion, something much better.


    Starbucks move in 2000 was to come in and be the ‘coffee of choice’ for Australians. This meant it picked hugely expensive locations and filled them with inexperienced staff. There was no slow build of sales, straight in with huge costs and no customers. Simply being in the right place is not enough for Australians who will travel to get ‘their’ coffee.


    Starbucks famously rely on word of mouth marketing, but in a market as competitive and almost as saturated as Australian coffee and cafes, you need to communicate a point of difference to your customers. There is no shortage of great coffee shops around any city, so people who like coffee are probably having their needs satisfied somewhere else. For an operation the scale of Starbucks, or any size for that matter, there needs to be a reason why your customers will choose you.

    Without trying to preach, there are great lessons in the Starbucks disaster that our clients and café owners around Perth and the rest of Australia can learn from. Will their return be successful? It might be, the Withers group have suggested that they want to keep Starbucks Australia separate from the rest of the world, so can they tailor mass coffee to the Australian coffee culture? They will be running theses stores themselves rather than relying on the franchising method that has made Starbucks so successful. But would I be worried about losing my customers to Starbucks? Not just yet.

  • Jura Giga X7 & X7c Professional

    Jura Giga X7 Coffee Machine

    The Jura GIGA X7 & X7c are both built to the same specifications, with the X7c being plumbed and X7 operating from a water tank. With the combined power of two grinders, two heating systems, two pumps and two fluid systems, coupled with user-friendliness and superior quality, the Jura GIGA X7 Professional prepares delicious ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, café crème, caffè latte and latte macchiato - two at a time.

    If you need an efficient coffee machine for continuous everyday use, this compact solution with professional permanent water connection is the answer.



    Two high-performance ceramic grinders, controlled by electronic motors, guarantee quick, precise, even and consistent grinding for many years to come. As an ingenious feature, the air intake in the dual spout is electrically adjusted by a geared stepper motor. When you make a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses hot milk followed by milk foam into the glass. This feature saves valuable time. The ingenious, intuitive and simple control concept includes a ball bearing-mounted Rotary Switch and TFT display for maximum speed and efficiency. 20 specialities and another 12 programmable barista recipes can be individually programmed.
    Giga X7 Coffee Machine - Technologies

    As well as being easy to operate and programme, the machine is designed to be very easy to care for. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene. The GIGA X7c Professional offers very long maintenance intervals, especially when used in conjunction with a CLARIS filter system.
    Giga X7 Coffee Machine - Cleaning

    With a wide selection of accessories including a cup warmer, milk cooler, coffee grounds disposal function set and interface for accounting systems, as well as an attractive range of storage and presentation units, it is possible to create a complete coffee solution tailored to your specific requirements.
    Giga X7 Coffee Machine - Customisable

    GIGA Value Protection
    JURA’s high standards of quality also extend to customer service. Every GIGA X7c Professional comes with GIGA Value Protection, providing maintenance for a professional automatic coffee machine for 25 months or 45 000 cups. This unique service package for professional equipment is offered exclusively by JURA. After 9 and 18 months, our service technician will arrange a date to service the unit at no additional cost. For details of our service package, please refer to the general terms and conditions.
    Giga X7 Coffee Machine - Giga Value Protection


    JURA Standards
    Variable brewing chamber 5 - 16 g
    Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) Yes
    Intelligent preheating Yes
    Active bean monitoring Yes
    Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©) Yes
    High-performance pump, 15 bar 2
    Thermoblock heating system 2
    Fluid system 2 parallel
    Monitored drip tray Yes
    Maintenance status display Yes
    Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme Yes
    Adjustable water hardness Yes
    One or two cups of espresso in one brewing operation Yes
    JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified Yes
    CLARIS water-filtering system Yes
    Zero-Energy Switch or power switch Classic
    Swiss made Yes

    Coffee specialities
    No. of individually programmable specialities 40
    Preparation at the touch of a button 2 latte macchiati
    1 latte macchiato
    2 cappuccini
    1 cappuccino
    1 caffè latte
    2 caffè latte
    2 coffees
    1 coffee
    2 espressi macchiati
    1 espresso macchiato
    2 espressi
    1 espresso
    2 ristretti
    1 ristretto
    Pot of coffee
    Milk, milk foam
    Hot water
    Barista recipes Yes
    Pot of espresso-quality coffee Yes
    Hot water function 3 levels
    Additional preground coffee powder Yes
    Pot of coffee (360 ml) 2 min. 30 sec.
    2 latte macchiati 1 min. 28 sec.
    2 cappuccini 1 min. 20 sec.
    2 caffè latte (cafés au lait) 1 min. 5 sec.
    2 coffees 1 min.
    2 espressi 35 sec.
    2 ristretti 26 sec.
    Hot water (200 ml) 28 sec.

    JURA fine foam technology Yes
    Milk or milk foam preparation Yes
    Grinder type Electrically adjustable ceramic disc grinder
    Number of grinders 2
    Powder chute for ground coffee Yes
    Powder recognition for additional ground coffee variety Yes
    A la carte bean selection Yes
    TÜV certificate for user manual Yes

    Settings and programming options
    Programmable amount of water Yes
    Amount of water can be adjusted for each preparation Yes
    Programmable coffee strength in levels 5
    Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation Yes
    Programmable brewing temperature 3
    Hot water temperature can be programmed 3 levels
    Programmable amount of hot water Yes
    Rotary Switch Yes
    Programmable preparation buttons 8
    Resettable day counter Yes
    Programmable switch-on time Yes
    Programmable switch-off time Yes
    Switch-on and switch-off times can be specified for each day of the week Yes
    Shows the number of preparations for each individual product Yes
    Resettable cup counter Yes
    Water filter display Yes
    Integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning programme Yes
    Automatic milk rinse Yes
    Remaining time display / Progress bar Yes
    Generating code groups Yes
    Wireless ready Yes

    Design and materials
    Display TFT colour display
    Venti Ports Yes
    Width-adjustable dual spout 20 - 50 mm
    Height-adjustable dual spout (Milk/Coffee) 70 - 159 mm
    Hot-water spout Yes
    Height-adjustable hot water spout 69 - 165 mm
    Cup illumination White and amber
    Indicator light for bean container Yes
    Separate water tank for descaling Yes
    Sound design Yes
    Integrated storage compartment Yes

    Aeras of use and recommended maximum daily output
    Recommended maximum daily output 150
    Areas of use Own usage
    Service provider

    Scope of delivery
    Drip drain set Yes

    In figures
    Coffee grounds container (servings) 40
    Numbers of bean containers 2
    Capacity of bean container with aroma preservation cover 650 g
    Cable length 1.1 m
    Voltage 220 - 240 alternating current
    Current 10 amp
    Frequency 50 hz
    Power 2300 Watt
    Permanent water connection integrated (G 3/4")
    Drip drain pipe DIN15
    Stand-by power < 0.5 Watt
    Weight 18.2 kg
    Width 32 cm
    Heigth 56.5 cm
    Depth 49.7 cm
    Check ce
    Article Number 13712
  • Get The Most From Your Automatic Coffee Machine

    For those of you with busy lives the automatic coffee machine has become a saviour in your pursuit to produce consistent, great tasting coffee whether at work looking for your morning jolt or at work staving off the post lunch lull. However, just like semi-automatic or manual espresso machines, these too require care, attention and tweaking to get the most out of them, so we thought we’d give you a few pointers. The beauty of these super-automatic coffee machines is that once you’ve adjusted them, the work is done, so 5 minutes now and you’ll be drinking great coffee for months.

    Fine Grinder Setting

    Your fully automatic coffee machine will have an in-built grinder, so you just pour in the beans press the button and away you go right? It’s important to make sure your grinder is set correctly, just like on a manual machine, to ensure the espresso is properly extracted. The key here is to find the finest grind possible that still allows your machine to brew coffee, this will draw the most possible flavour from your beans and result in the best tasting coffee possible.
    Every machine is different so there is no hard and fast rule, the only course of action here is to start as fine as the machine goes and trial and error. This means of course a few minutes of testing different brews. If the grind is too fine the machine will be extracted too fast and the result will be a thin, weak, bitter espresso. Just keep adjusting in increments until the coffee is extracted slowly but smoothly with an almost syrupy consistency.


    The dosage size is the amount of water that is passed through the ground coffee. Standard measurements are around 30mls for a double espresso and 15 for a single. Of course there is some flexibility depending on what cups/drinks you are making. A coffee machine will only produce quality espresso to a certain volume, after that you will be drawing out the unappealing tastes of the coffee.
    Note: We recommend Long Black/Americano drinkers should pour an espresso and top up with a separate hot water tap. Larger automatic machines will have this function.


    The water you use through your machine is a crucial part of the process. Impurities and chemicals found in the mains supply can drastically affect taste of your coffee. That is why at Café Corporate we fit all our plumbed Jura Automatics with a small inline Aqua L’eau water filter. Wherever possible you should be using filtered water. If your machine is plumbed it is not difficult to get a small filter attached to the piping, potentially inside the machine or on the line. This is the most cost effective method but filter your water however you can. This will also greatly prolong the life of your machine.


    This is the boring, non-barista part of the process. Like all coffee machines your automatic will need to be maintained and cleaned. Depending on your machine this can be an easy process. Many machines have a self-cleaning setting but there are various processes that could be applied. Ensure you descale, clean and wash your machine inside and out. This also includes the grinder, which should be wiped and scrubbed to remove any old, stale ground coffee. This should only be a weekly process at most but again the quality of your coffee will be greatly improved and so will the service life of your machine.

    Follow these few steps and your automatic coffee machine should be producing great coffee for years to come.

    Automatic Machines

    If you are interested in buying an automatic coffee machine then check out our range or click the links below.



    ENA Micro 9

    Jura Ena Micro 9 - One-Touch




    Jura Giga X7

    Jura Giga X7
  • Jura Impressa F8 TFT

    Impressa F8 TFT

    The Jura Impressa F8 TFT the new domestic automatic coffee machine from Jura marking the first time that a TFT colour display has made an appearance in JURA’s compact class. It makes operation using the Rotary Switch very easy and clear. Four speciality coffees can be individually programmed on the start screen, allowing you to prepare your favourite coffee in a flash around the clock.

    The innovative Aroma+ grinder makes sure that your long breakfast coffee is just as irresistible as the intense espresso, the classic café crème or the trendy latte macchiato. It grinds the fresh beans at twice the speed yet very gently and makes coffee pleasure an explosion of aromas at any time.


    TFT display with Rotary Selection
    JURA’s TFT technology has found its way into the compact class. Simply turn the Rotary Switch and a list of speciality coffees appears on the 2.8" display. Simply touch the button for coffee that fulfills your wildest dreams. Four products can be individually programmed on the start screen and assigned any name.
    Jura Impressa - TFT Display

    Inspiring range of beverages
    The IMPRESSA F8 delivers the perfect coffee experience no matter what your preferred beverage. It’s the right choice for anyone who enjoys lungo, café crème and espresso but now and then likes to treat themselves to a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato.
    Jura Impressa - Range of Beverages

    Improved Grinder
    By perfecting the cutting angle inside the grinding cone, the JURA engineers have managed to increase efficiency significantly. As a result, the perfect aroma can now be achieved in all its natural fullness in half the grinding time. So now coffee lovers can enjoy pure and perfect coffee indulgence with less preparation time and less noise.The powder chute for ground coffee can be used for additional coffee varieties such as a decaffeinated blend.

    Jura Impressa - Coffe Grinder

    Perfectly Foamed Milk
    A hot water function for tea and a steam portion function so that milk can be heated automatically for hot chocolate topped with foamed milk is just as much a part of the machine as the innovative cappuccino or latte macchiato system. So you can prepare trend specialities without even having to move the cup. Simply turn the switch and delicate light-as-air milk foam of the finest quality and consistency will flow into your cup before coffee is added to create your classic cappuccino. Both the coffee and milk spout are height-adjustable on a continuous scale, so you can treat yourself to a great-tasting cup of coffee using any standard cup.
    Jura Impressa - Fine Foam Technology


    Coffee Specialities
    Preparation at the touch of a button 1 latte macchiato
    1 cappuccino
    1 espresso macchiato
    2 coffees
    1 coffee
    2 espressi
    1 espresso
    2 ristretti
    1 ristretto
    1 special coffee
    Hot water function 3 levels
    Additional preground coffee powder Yes
    No. of individually programmable specialities 13

    Swiss made Yes
    TÜV certificate for user manual Yes
    Variable brewing chamber 5 - 16 g
    Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) Yes
    Grinder type Aroma+ grinder
    Number of grinders 1
    Powder recognition for additional ground coffee variety Yes
    Thermoblock heating system 1
    Intelligent preheating Yes
    High-performance pump, 15 bar 15 bar
    Wireless ready Yes
    JURA fine foam technology Yes
    Connector System © Yes
    Milk or milk foam preparation Yes
    Settings and programming options
    Programmable amount of water Yes
    Amount of water can be adjusted for each preparation Yes
    Programmable coffee strength 4
    Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation Yes
    Programmable hot water temperature 3 levels
    Programmable brewing temperature 2

    Display TFT colour display
    Rotary Switch Yes

    Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©) Yes
    Programmable switch-off time Yes
    Power switch Zero-Energy Switch

    Perfect maintenance at the touch of a button
    CLARIS filter cartridge CLARIS Blue
    Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme Yes
    Integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning programme Yes
    Automatic milk rinse Yes
    Adjustable water hardness Yes
    JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified Yes

    Height-adjustable coffee spout 65 - 111 mm
    Height-adjustable cappuccino spout 65 - 111 mm
    Hot water spout Yes
    Height-adjustable hot water spout 65 - 111 mm
    Cappuccino frother Fine foam frother

    Design and materials
    Amber cup illumination Yes
    White cup illumination Yes
    Integrated storage compartment Yes
    Sound design Yes
    Powder chute for ground coffee Yes


    In figures
    Water tank capacity 1.9 L
    Numbers of bean containers 1
    Bean container with aroma preservation cover Yes
    Capacity per bean container 310 g
    Coffee grounds container (max. servings) 15
    Cable length 1.1 m
    Voltage 230 alternating current
    Ampacity 10 amp
    Frequency 50 hz
    Power 1450 Watt
    Stand-by power 0 Watt
    Energy consumption 13 watt-hour
    Energy consumption with E.S.M.© 6 watt-hour
    Weight 9.6 kg
    Width 28.5 cm
    Heigth 35.5 cm
    Depth 44.5 cm
    Energy efficiency CH 44.5 kw per h.
    Check ce
    Article Number 13731
  • WEGA Vela Vintage- Professional Coffee Machine

    Wega Vela Vintage- Professional Coffee Machine

    The WEGA Vela Vintage EVD 2 is a top of the range, professional 2 group coffee machine, perfect for café and hospitality baristas. The EVD model is electric model of the Vela Vintage series, using its built-in processor to control all operations volumetric dosages for coffee brewing or maintaining the Auto Level pump. This makes for precision and reliability on the part of the machine as it works with the Barista. However with the various micro-adjustable and programmable temperature and volume settings, the user is still very much in control.

    Style Without Compromise

    The retro-styled illuminated touchpads are fully waterproof as well as stylish The steam tap knobs have also be styled to fit the overall aesthetic while the steam wands they control are curved for not only better steaming but also easy use.


    The group heads are set with the standard 82 mm clear drop from spout tip to lower tray or alternatively at a raised 122 mm to fit any cup size.
    Each group head can be programmed to deliver up to 6 dose sizes including a manual brewing button, while the the EVD’s hot water tap has its own, separate electronic dosing. The hot and cold water mixer can also be set to any temperature you could want. It doesn’t stop there, even the temperature of the electric cup warmer can be adjusted to fit your needs.


    The volumetric pump has an Auto Level feature, that monitors the amount of water available and automatically refills itself from your mains supply. This has then been coupled with an improved dual scale manometer indicating boiler and thermo syphon circulation to ensure you always have enough hot water.

    The thermal efficiency of the brewing groups has been improved to minimise power wastage and ensure coffee temperature throughout service.

    Technical Specifications

    • Group Head: E61
    • Voltage: 240/li>
    • Power 3400(W)
    • Boiler Capacity: 12(lt)
    • Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 770 x 560 x 540
    • Weight (kg): 71-81

    To order your WEGA Vela Vintage today click on the link here or call us today on (08) 9330 1577

  • Jura Impressa A5 - Domestic Coffee Machine

    A5 Aluminium Domestic coffee machine

    Introducing the new Jura IMPRESSA A5. The new, slimline addition to the IMPRESSA A domestic coffee machine range. The A5 uses the intuitive one touch system found in new Jura automatic coffee machine, a clear and concise method that puts your machine in control of your coffee. The A5 prepares cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Despite its compact design, this exceptional machine can prepare two coffees at the same time with no fuss.

    Automatic Domestic Coffee Machine

    Compact Design

    The clean, sharp lines of the A5 fit the characteristic look of the IMPRESSA range. The solid aluminium, chrome plated ventilation gills in Piano Black not only look good but also demonstrate the build quality and precise workmanship that has been used in every feature of this high quality domestic coffee machine

    Maximum Coffee Aroma

    The IMPRESSA A5 is full of built in features that will improve the taste of your coffee. The Aroma+ grinder preserves the flavour through the grind while the precise internal mechanisms are configured for perfect extraction of your espresso. The end result is a rich, delicate crema on every shot.

    Dual Spout Delivery

    The dual spout, height-adjustable on a continuous scale between 55 mm and 138 mm is equipped with Jura’s state-of-the-art fine foam technology. It produces a light-as-air layer of milk foam for the perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato whilst still being easy to dismantle and clean. The A5 is also fitted with two separate pipe systems to ensure there is no cross contamination between your milk and coffee.

    Faster Grinder

    The new Aroma+ grinder that has become standard in all Jura automatic coffee machines has been improved, grinding your coffee beans in half the time of the old grinder.

    The A5 is also available from Cafe Corporate in Platinum and Red. Click here to buy yours today.



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