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    Schools seeing the benefit in providing great coffee

    We have seen a spike in coffee machine enquiries from schools, as many teachers and parents alike demand barista quality coffee during their working day or at school events.

    Rather than making do with instant or going out to buy a coffee, schools are changing focus and are now seeing the benefits and profits in keeping teachers and parents within the school gates.

    Schools are taking advantage of new coffee machine innovations

    Utilising payment systems help to raise funds..

    Many college Bursars are taking advantage of coffee machines with payment systems either coin or cashless operations, to pay off the equipment which remains in place to become a fundraising investment, by paying off the machine in just a few months it is then used to raise profits and fund school projects.

    Coffee Machines for Schools Jura X8 Coffee Machine for Schools

    Similarly to sports clubs I am also approached by schools stating they have short intervals requiring high demand coffee output, Whitford Junior Football Club are an example they decided to purchase two machines allowing them to produce twice as fast and by selling their coffee they can pay off their investment within a few short months. So stop letting the coffee van operator take all the profits let your members and teachers invest back into the school and their students instead.

    What are the costs to run a profitable coffee machine in schools?

    • Let’s say you invest in equipment costing between $4,400.00 and $5,500.00 RRP
    • If you have 40-50 staff, you might find they make between 1-2 cups a day this would average out to be 60-70 cups of coffee each day. You charge $2.00 - $3.00 for each coffee.
    • Total $120.00 – $210.00 each day, 5 days a week = between $600.00 - $1,050.00.00.
    • Each cup will cost you between 45-55cents depending on if it is a milk or black coffee, so within a few months you can pay off the equipment and the rest is contributed to raising funds.

    Not every school chooses to charge for coffee

    The health benefits of fresh bean machines..

    Many schools simply want to provide their teachers with quality real coffee as a healthier choice, it is good to know in this case that pods work out around 70% more expensive than fresh bean coffee, so being healthy is also cheaper not to mention the obvious environmental benefits.

    Some schools are starting to adopt the “naturally smart program” connecting schools world wide with training and support for teachers and students in creating local projects which provide a healthier global footprint, by selling coffee to raise funds for sustainability projects. Rolled out in some South Australian schools, the program is set to grow in private and public schools from 2018 onwards across the country.

    Fresh Bean Coffee Machines Health Benefit Of Fresh Bean Coffee Machines in Schools

    We have been servicing Perth and WA for over 20years and helped many customers find the right solution such as: Bunbury Cathedral Grammar, TAFE, Curtin University, UWA and many more..

    If you would like to discuss the options and find which is best for your school or education centre please give us a call: 08 93301577

    Written by: Letitia Pearcy

    Café Corporate.

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