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What makes the best office coffee machine? 

First, and foremost the quality of the coffee followed by ease of use along with easy cleaning are some of the most requested components. If you have been given the task of finding the ideal coffee equipment here are some features to consider and our staff picks that meet those "must have" coffee requirements below.

  1. Great Quality Coffee - Fresh Bean and Fresh Milk
  2. Easy Operation
  3. Easy to Clean and Maintain
  4. Priced to Match your Budget
  5. Free Trial Available
  6. Rent or Purchase Options
  7. Ongoing Support
Cafe Corporate will tailor a package to meet your needs from coffee machines and accessories to coffee beans, we can install and deliver with a full-service center in Perth to support your company ongoing. Get in touch and ask for a trial or tasting session in our showroom.
Find the coffee machine that is best for you, see our staff picks below.