Domestic Coffee Machines

  1. Giotto Rocket Evoluzione V2 Manual Domestic Coffee Machine Giotto Rocket Evoluzione V2 Manual Domestic Coffee Machine

    Giotto Rocket Evoluzione V2 Manual Domestic Coffee Machine

    The Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium V2 may have a commercial grade E61 group head and copper boiler delivering a premium domestic espresso. From the classic stainless steel look to the heavy duty pressure and temperature gauges the Giotto Evoluzione looks and feels like a timeless Italian espresso machine.

    The commercial rotary pump & motor, delivers a premium manual domestic espresso machine, equal to a commercial espresso machine. The Rocket Espresso uses Giotto's proven Thermosyphon System long with a special nickel and brass plated boiler, this allows you (the home barista) to produce an espresso like a pro.

  2. Giotto Rocket R58 Manual domestic Italian coffee Machine Giotto Rocket R58 Manual domestic Italian coffee Machine

    Giotto Rocket R58 Manual domestic Italian coffee Machine

    The adjustable dual boilers of the Giotto Rocket Milano R58 give a new level of stability and control to an already exceptional range of domestic coffee machines by Giotto. The Giotto manual one group head with a streamlined appearance and quality construction, is all that we have come to expect from this Italian brand of Coffee machines.

     * We will contact in regard to the delivery time of this product as it may be longer than usual orders.

  3. Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

    Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

    2017 Award Winning Jura Z8 Coffee Machine

    If you want the very best extraction from an automatic coffee machine we have found it, with Jura's latest technology in the Z8 model. Being a coffee connoisseur you will be aware that over extracting your coffee can make it bitter, that’s why Jura Z8's special feature called “Lungo,” allows those who enjoy “long blacks” or milk coffees such as “flat whites” to have a bigger cup without over extracting the coffee, as it combines the coffee with hot water at the time of extraction, much like a true Barista would do.

    Instore Demo with purchase!

    The results are a full-bodied, deliciously light coffee.

    Fine foam technology automatically switches from milk to milk foam in one single touch, no fumbling parts, just simply push the touch screen and your coffee is prepared from start to finish and the front display can hold up to 16 beverages, with a further 21 using the rotary switch.

    Main Features:

    • Front display, 4.3" high-resolution touchscreen, easy operation.
    • The AromaG3 grinder is twice as fast.
    • (P.E.P.®) Pulse Extraction Process combined with the New Lungo technology ensures optimum extraction time and flavour. 
    • Smart Connect enables you to control the machine via the free JURA Coffee App.
    • Perfect temperature with Milk in up to 10 levels of heat preperation long with hot water and brewing temperature in 3 levels.
    Z8 coffee machine

    • Height-adjustable spouts 80 - 153cm
    • Water tank capacity 2.4L
    • Capacity per bean container 280g
    • Used coffee grounds bin capacity 20 Cups
    • Coffee strength 10 levels
    • Hot water in 3 levels
    • Filter Claris Smart
    • Weight: 13.4KG
    • Width: 32CM
    • Height: 38CM
    • Depth: 45CM

    Available Drinks:  

    • 1 latte macchiato
    • 1 Flat White
    • 1 cappuccino
    • 1 caffè latte
    • 1 espresso macchiato
    • 1 coffee
    • 1 espresso
    • 1 ristretto
    • Milk foam
    • Milk
    • 1 Lungo Barista
    • 1 Caffè Barista
    • Pot of coffee
    • Hot water in two temperatures (herbal tea option)

  4. Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

    Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

    Are you looking for great coffee at home? The new Jura E8 automatic coffee machine not only looks great in piano black but will make you the best coffee at the touch of a button including a "flat white" option.

    Jura are specialists in automatic coffee machines, they don't make anything else, this is why they have perfected the brewing process. The P.E.P.©: Pulse Extraction Process technology gives you a superior tasting coffee, It works by optimising the extraction process and ensures the very best coffee you can make in your own home.

    Easy automatic touch button technology - Simply push a button and enjoy your favourite coffee programmed as you like it.

    Don't like the hassle of cleaning? - Jura have automatic cleaning cycles and are the most user friendly coffee machines you can buy.

    Want to know more? - give us a call: 08 9330 1577 or visit our showroom and we will make you a cup so you can taste for yourself. Prefer to email click here



  5. Jura S8 Coffee Machine Jura S8 Coffee Machine

    Jura S8 Coffee Machine

    Jura's S8 sleek award-winning design ideal for small offices or at home, it will impress even the fussiest coffee connoisseur. 

    The ultimate milk foam for the finest barista coffee

    The (P.E.P.®) Pulse Extraction Process will ensure optimum coffee extraction delivering a full-bodied taste explosion espresso and brings perfection with fine foam milk technology for a true barista style flat-white, cappuccino, lattes and more, enjoy up to 15 different drink specialties. 

    The automatic cleaning cycles with easy to follow screen instructions will make it easy to maintain your coffee machine, so simplistic are the new cleaning features that everyone can keep the machine healthy.


    • Cappuccino
    • Flat-white
    • Coffee
    • Double Coffee
    • Espresso
    • Latte Macchiato
    • Ristretto
    • Portion hot water
    • Portion milk and milk foam
    • Hot water for tea



  6. Jura E6 Automatic Espresso Machine

    Jura E6 Automatic Espresso Machine

    All you need for a coffee fix in a flash.

    With the E6 it’s all in the design, simple one-touch functions for those who appreciate the very best espresso or coffee with the least amount of fuss and time, I can hear you now “that’s me”.  However, while the E6 might be small on bells and whistles it still has the things that count.

    Superior preparation with PEP ® pulse extraction process.

    The brewing process PEP ® pulsates the water through the coffee while optimising the extraction process, leaving you with a velvet smooth espresso and rich crema.

    Aroma G3 technology for quality coffee - A great coffee requires a good grinder.

    Jura Aroma G3 in-built grinder has been developed for a superior grind, any barista would tell you the grinder is very important to the flavour you get out of your coffee extraction, the two go hand in hand. Not only do you enjoy freshly ground beans in each cup the E6 makes, you can be assured Jura have designed it to perfection.

    Why buy the Jura E6?

    It’s simple really, with the E6 you get the most important technology that goes into making the finest coffee, at a great price and the E6 simplicity makes it easy to use, maintain and clean.

    Best Option for:

    Ideal at home for those who want black coffee, espresso and the cappuccino option and it might also fit well into a small office of 5 or less people. Also great for those just wanting a machine for espresso and adding your own milk separately. Ask us about the stand alone milk frothers we have available.

    E6 Features:

    • Individual drink settings x 7
    • Hot water 3 Levels
    • Smart App Compatible
    • AromaG3 grinder
    • P.E.P.®
    • Filter Claris Smart
    • Coffee Strength in 8 Levels
    • Height adjustable coffee spouts
    • Water tank 1.9L
    • Bean container capacity 280g
    • Coffee grounds bin 16 cups

    Coffee Specialities available:

    • 1 espresso
    • 2 espresso
    • 1 coffee
    • 2 coffees
    • 1 cappuccino
    • Milk, milk foam
    • 1 portion hot water
  7. SAB Alice Manual Coffee Machine SAB Alice Manual Coffee Machine

    SAB Alice Manual Coffee Machine

    The SAB Alice looks, feels and most certainly plays the part of a classic looking manual coffee machine. The stainless steel construction ensures the right aesthetic, however it belies the state of the art system. The large 1.5 litre copper (anti-oxidation treated) boiler pumps water to the E61 group head, before automatically refilling. The sensor in the boiler will even warn you when the water is running low.

    • Group heads: 1
    • Group head: E61
    • Steam Arms: 1
    • Copper Boiler: 1.5 litres
    • Weight: 19 Kg
    • Dimensions: 23.5 x 43 x 39.5 cm (W x D x H)
    • Power: 1100 Watt
    • Thermosiphon/Heat Exchange system with vibration pump