Giotto Rocket Evolusione V2  Espresso Machine

Giotto Rocket Evoluzione V2 Manual Domestic Coffee Machine


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The Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium V2 may have a commercial grade E61 group head and copper boiler delivering a premium domestic espresso. From the classic stainless steel look to the heavy duty pressure and temperature gauges the Giotto Evoluzione looks and feels like a timeless Italian espresso machine.

The commercial rotary pump & motor, delivers a premium manual domestic espresso machine, equal to a commercial espresso machine. The Rocket Espresso uses Giotto's proven Thermosyphon System long with a special nickel and brass plated boiler, this allows you (the home barista) to produce an espresso like a pro.



The Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2 is described by Rocket Espresso as ‘developing the espresso machine experience’, which it certainly does. The Giotto Evoluzione V2 is a machine that works with you, to make coffee, making you feel like you’re in control, like a true barista. However do not be mistaken, the Evoluzione V2 is still a state of the art machine, with a rotary pump and motor system that can deliver espresso equal to that of any commercial machine. The V2 allows the user to choose between mains water or to draw from the 2.9l fresh water reservoir and an easily adjustable pump pressure dial can be used to fine tune your extraction speeds. The steam wand has the integrated “cool-touch” or Non-Burn sytem, keeping it cooler and safer for the user.

Note: The Rocket Espresso Evoluzione V2 requires a separate grinder

  • Commercial style E61 Chrome plated grouphead
  • Thermosyphon boiling system
  • Non-Burn steam wand
  • Electronically controlled boiler and fresh water levels
  • Choice of mains or tank water
Additional Info

Additional Information

Machine Type Manual Espresso
Coffee Type Fresh Bean
Capacity (Cups Per Day) 1-20
Perfect for No
Specifications No
Lease From No
Accessories No
Care Products No
Service & Support No

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