Jura Claris Smart Water Filter

Jura Claris Smart Water Filter


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Jura water filters are essential to the health of your coffee machine and ensure the best tasting coffee. With the Claris Smart filter your coffee machine knows when the filter has been inserted and will automatically activate it. Only the latest Jura models have this (Radio-frequency Identification) technology which allows your machine to continually collect information from the filter and alert you when it has reached its full capacity requiring a filter change.By using a water filter you will  optimize water quality resulting in every cup of coffee being full-bodied with maximum flavour.

  • Removes Limescale build-up to protect the health of your coffee machine
  • Improves the taste of your coffee by removing unwanted chemicals and traces of lead, copper, aluminium and chlorine
  • CLARIS eliminates the need to descale the machine

Do I still need to use Cleaning tablets?

Answer: Yes, when your coffee machine prompts you to run a clean. This is much like running rinse aid through your dishwasher it helps to keep the internals of your coffee machine clean and free of coffee scum build-up.

The Smart filter is for the following models:

  • Jura Z6
  • Jura E8


The Jura Claris Smart Filter has chip technology which Jura's latest coffee machines the Jura Z6 and E8 are capable of reading, this new technology allows your coffee machine to continuously read the filter and determine when it needs changing and letting you know when it has reached full capacity. The new Smart filter chip automatically installs its self, there is no need to program your coffee machine to let it know when you have installed a new filter.

  • The Claris Smart Filter protects your coffee machine from Limescale building up and improves the flavour of your coffee
  • There is no need to descale when using a Claris filter from Jura.
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