Little Owl Coffee Roasters

Little Owl Coffee Roasters provide a variety of coffee blends and single origin. They gather coffee beans from around the world and have just one simple aim to produce great flavour coffee to suit all tastes. Whether you’re an espresso lover, flat white connoisseur or looking for a well-rounded coffee in the office, to propel your workforce forward, Little Owl coffee is a perfect choice.

It is important to find a local roaster ensuring your coffee beans are always fresh and at their best. If you need coffee beans at home or for a business, give us a call, drop by our showroom or buy online and have your coffee delivered by express courier straight to your door.

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Private Label Coffee Roasting

Little Owl roasts coffee beans for a number of private labels and works closely with us here at Cafe Corporate, providing wholesale coffee beans for companies who require large volumes on a regular basis. Little Owl roast all our local Cafe Corporate blends too.

Cafe and Hospitality Coffee Bean Supplies

It’s hard to find an industry that doesn’t need a good supply of coffee, Little Owl provides many cafes around Perth and hospitality companies with freshly roasted beans and coffee supplies including equipment and espresso machines.

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