Coffee Machine Filters

Whether you manually fill the tank or have a plumbed coffee machine we supply the filters and filtration services you need. Cafe Corporate have a range of filters suitable for all Jura coffee machines. If you have a coffee machine that is plumbed to your water mains via water filtration we supply the replacement water filters you need.

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Commercial water filtration and installation

We supply coffee machines suitable for large commercial sites and the hospitality industry. If you would like to discuss the options and installation that best meets your project requirements we would be happy to arrange a free quote.

Because water quality has an impact on the flavour of your coffee and the health of your coffee machine, we install and supply water filtration for our customers. If you are purchasing a coffee machine and intend to connect this directly to the water mains, we have the filtration products and expertise required. Cafe Corporate use high quality water filters to preserve the health of your coffee machine by reducing harmful chemicals. The filter system includes sediment and carbon filters to improve the taste of your water, and the water softener reduces the calcium and limescale that can damage your automatic machine.



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