Cafe Corporate Coffee Machine Services

We provide machine services such as ongoing cleaning and annual servicing, along with a range of options to ensure your coffee machine is in top condition and fully installed with water filtration to ensure coffee perfection.

Coffee Machine Cleaning Services and Maintenance

If you are purchasing a coffee machine for the office or a commercial site and are looking for frequent cleaning. We have two technicians out on the road providing service to the Perth region, giving you peace of mind that your coffee machine is getting cleaned regularly to support your machine maintenance.

If you would like to know more get in touch with us today, we would be happy to discuss the service that best fits your business needs.

Jura Hospitality Servicing Centre

Café Corporate are the service, supply and hospitality agents for the Swiss coffee machine; Jura. We are the exclusive agents for all Jura coffee machines, and service both domestic and commercial customers in Perth and throughout WA. Our Jura service centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm.

We have a dedicated service team, to book your Jura coffee machine service with us call: 08 9330 1577 or send us an Email:  

Coffee Machine Lease and Rental Services

Café Corporate provides a number of options for those interested in renting or leasing a coffee machine for the workplace. We can provide high capacity coffee machines with coffee bean supplies, including ongoing cleaning services over an agreed rental period. We are happy to discuss the option that best meets your needs and can arrange finance to support your business as it grows. Our rental agreements include free installation and training.

Coffee Beans and Roasting Services

We are able to roast large volumes of coffee beans, this allows us to provide large commercial sites and hospitality companies with not only the coffee machine but also coffee beans and hot chocolate supplies. We are committed to providing consistency and we can roast high volumes of coffee beans while maintaining bean quality and consistency. We are currently supplying a number of remote sites through BHP, Shell, Sodexo, Quadrant Energy and other offshore platforms.

If you are interested in talking with us about private label roasting or require large volumes of coffee beans, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Water Filtration Installation and Services

Water can severely impact coffee flavour which is why café corporate provides water filtration and installation services to our customers. If you have a plumbed coffee machine, which many of our large corporate businesses and offices do, you will also require water filtration to ensure the health of your coffee machine and the quality of your coffee.

 These filters will ensure the longevity of your coffee machine by the reduction of sediment, carbon filters to improve water taste through the removal of harmful chemicals and chlorine and a water softener system to reduce the lime, calcium and scale build-up that damages your automatic machine. Our technicians are experts at installing water filtration if you have a plumbed automatic or espresso coffee machine and require water filtration we can help.

Water Coolers Rent or Buy for the Office

We supply water coolers for your office or workplace a number of our customers who have coffee machines installed also want chilled filtered water for their staff too, for more details click here: Water Coolers for the Office

If you would like to discuss our services and products, we are happy to provide all the information you need, to ensure you make the right decision. 

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