Hire Our Quality Rental Coffee Machines in Perth

If you need to hire an automatic commercial coffee machine for your Perth office or event, our expert team at Cafe Corporate can help. Our extensive range of rental coffee machines ensures there’s a machine to suit every business perfectly. From offices and hospitality companies, through to remote sites in WA, we have over 20 years of experience providing the people of Perth with quality coffee machine solutions.

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When you choose to hire a coffee machine from us, our expert team will provide you and your staff with quality training to ensure everything keeps running smoothly, and for your convenience, the installation of all our coffee machines is provided. At Café Corporate, we’re more than just coffee machine suppliers, our mobile technicians can come to your office to provide support and assistance, should you ever run into problems or require assistance.

Freshest Coffee Beans for Your Rental Coffee Machine!

We work closely with coffee roasters in Perth and around the world, which allows us to offer the freshest coffee beans and an array of choices. We don’t lock you into a particular bean when you hire a coffee machine for us, the choice is all yours.

We know not everyone drinks coffee and to ensure you can cater to everyone in your office, we also offer a mouth-watering range of alternative hot drinks including indulgent hot chocolates and delicious chai lattes.

So, if you’re looking to hire a coffee machine in Perth, look no further than Café Corporate. Browse our range of rental machines online today or get in touch with our coffee experts on 08) 9330 1577 today.


Coffee Machine Hire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question about coffee machine hire in Perth? See what others have been asking about our coffee machine rentals in our FAQ section below.

How long can I hire a coffee machine for?

At Café Corporate, our coffee machine rental agreements are for either 2 or 3-year terms and are paid in 3 monthly instalments. Short-term coffee machine hire can be discussed on request

Does the rental charge cover maintenance, service and repairs?

A coffee machine rental agreement includes annual service costs and repairs.

How quickly can I receive the rental coffee machine?

We can normally install a coffee machine and provide staff training within 1 week of the rental agreement being approved.

What size machine do I need for my office?

All coffee machines for hire are specified based on the number of coffees per day, we have coffee machine rental options for every situation from small offices that go through 10-20 cups per day to large corporate offices that can have upwards of 500+ cups per day.

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