Jura Automatic Coffee Machines

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Jura perfect the technologies that give you a barista quality coffee, everyday Jura’s team of developers, engineers and designers ask themselves: What espresso and coffee machines will be like in the future and how can we perfect each cup.

A barista quality coffee just by pushing a button

Whether you like espresso or milk coffees like one of Australia’s favourites the 'cappuccino' or 'flat-white', Jura coffee machines produce fine milk foam and new extraction technology creates quality espresso crema just as you would expect from your local café.

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Jura Automatic Technology Expertise

With over two decades of experience focusing on nothing but perfecting the technology to produce the finest cup of coffee, it’s not surprising Jura have won endless design and innovation awards throughout the years. Most recently their PEP technology and Coffee App, thats right simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your own personalised coffee settings. This has been hugely popular in office situations where not everyone likes their coffee the same way in the workplace.

In 1994 Jura reinvented the automatic coffee machine with the first Impressa made, producing coffee at the touch of a button in just one step, revolutionising the market.

Jura’s Swiss Made Heritage

Jura was founded in 1931 by a chap named Leo Henzirohs and are still located in their original home town of Niederbuchsiten (Canton Solothum) today. Since then Jura coffee machines have become a worldwide brand, known for their reliability and coffee quality. They are still made in Switzerland by a highly skilled team, benefiting from decades of experience passed down through the generations.


Jura Coffee machines