WMF Automatic Coffee and Hot Chocolate Machines

Engineered and built in Germany WMF are experts in commercial coffee and hot chocolate vending machines. With a reputation for quality and reliability it’s no wonder they are used in large corporate offices, hotels, canteens and hospitality venues worldwide.

WMF Coffee Machines make coffee and hot chocolate at the touch of a button

WMF coffee machines use coffee beans and fresh milk giving you a barista quality coffee at the touch of a button, combine this with their Plug & Clean technology and you not only get a great coffee or hot chocolate but also an easy to clean automated system. There are very few automatic machines that will allow you to use both coffee beans and vending chocolate, this is why WMF are so popular in large-scale hospitality and office situations allowing you to meet your clients and customer demands.

WMF Vending Machines believe in sustainability

The super automatic range are made from recycled materials, making them up to 91% recycled! They are also 100% nickel and lead free. Just another reason why Café Corporate believe in the brand and are happy to chat to our customers about the benefits of WMF.

Have questions about whether WMF is right for you?

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